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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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(August 08, 2005) Starting today, we're introducing a section called "BERT" (Blogs in Electronic Recruiting Transcript). "BERT" (Blogs in Electronic Recruiting Transcript) is a window on the flow of the latest feeds in the Recruiting "blogosphere". You can reload the page by hitting the F5 Key (or CTRL F5, to be sure). If there have been any recent updates to Recruiting blogs, this will show them.

If you kept the "BERT" (Blogs in Electronic Recruiting Transcript) page open and reloaded it hourly, you'd see most of what is flowing through the channels.

We've also added the headlines and opening words of the latest five postings to the right hand side of this page. Again, you can reload the page by hitting the F5 Key (or CTRL F5, to be sure). If there have been any recent updates to Recruiting blogs, reloading the page will show them. It's a sort of "BERT" junior.

We still plan to run our weekly report on what's happening in the blogs. But' if you want to see the flow for yourself, have a go.

We owe the idea, in its entirety, to Jason Davis at Recruiting.com. If, after our recent fussing, you haven't put them on their radar, now's the time to start. Leaving ERE in the dust, their content production is second to none in the industry. They must be the stuff of nightmares at HR.com, ERE, BLR or any of the other major content providers. Something tells us that they'll be (Recruiting.com, that is) one of the early "strikes gold" stories in the era of Web 2.0.

One thing is very clear. Staying abreast of the various content distributors is rapidly becoming a luxury. Figuring out how to keep an eye on emerging trends is going to get very, very difficult. The sources of content and insight are going to explode rapidly. The time required to monitor them is growing rapidly. We already spend several hours a day at it.

Our bet, as it has always been, is that people will turn to a trusted editor. If you follow the Bugler, you'll know that we've been evolving it into a single source for everything you need to know in the business each day. It's length and meant to be scanned. If you want to dig deeper, the links are all there.

"BERT" is an experiment in the opposite extreme. Everything in the Recruiting sphere that has an RSS feed is included in our base list. (If you think we've missed you, please drop us a note). As the arena explodes, it's likely that we will weed out the offerings with our assessments of quality and relevance. That is, above all, what being an editor means.

PS. If you hadn't noticed, BERT keeps with our overall theme in naming newsletters. Sooner or later, BERT will join ERNIE in our emailed offerings. For now, however,  "BERT" (Blogs in Electronic Recruiting Transcript) is only available online at http://www.interbiznet.com/blogs.

John Sumser

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