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(October 05, 2005) 
Here's another edition of BoB. The Recruiting Blogosphere is getting very large although most folks seem to focus on the industry rather than recruiting. Here are the ten best (and most representative) postings published in the past couple of weeks:
  1. We continue to be really impressed with the flow of material from Jeff Hunter's desktop. The Head of Recruiting Technology for EA is an industry veteran who has earned his stripes. His blog, And Talentism, works the intersection of IT and Recruiting harder and more insightfully than anyone we know of. Recently, he's been running a series called "11 Thoughts on Recruiting Technology" which is sort of a "rules of thumb" essay. Read it. He also wins quote of the year with

    "Good News is No News; No News is Bad News; Bad news is Good news.." Jim Morgan, Chairman, Applied Materials
  2. Hank's Back. Long time readers know that we're charter members of the Hank Stringer fan club. His new blog, developed in conjunction with Rusty Reuff (EA's HR VP and the most innovative HR guy on the planet) is offered in support of their forthcoming Book Talent Force : A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business. Read Hank and Rusty
  3. Joel Cheesman weighs in with "in-your-face recruiting tactics" which takes hyper-aggressive online recruiting to task. He also notes webhire integrates google adwords into new solution.
  4. Heather, the Microsoft Recruiting Goddess, takes just a few sentences to point to a very creative Recruiting tool.
  5. In "The Killer Instinct", the folks at TalentZoo describe the essential element of a great Recruiter. Note to self, they don't suggest deceit. The blog itself covers the job, frustrations and challenges of Third Party Recruiting.
  6. "We Are Not Clairvoyant" is a simple reminder that Recruiters put their pants on one leg at a time. From Johanna at Hiring Technical People.
  7. In The Future of Work Weblog, Jim ware reminds that
    "There's lots of compelling research showing that one of the most important factors affecting employee motivation and productivity these days is engagement - the extent to which an individual feels "connected" to the organization and its mission. Engagement is emerging as far more important than employee satisfaction in determining how hard people work, how much they are focused on the organization's goals, and how "involved" they are in their work."
    while soliciting help in further research.
  8. In The HR Blog , we discovered a couple of gems: An inside look at diversity recruitment which points to a more detailed article and a reminder that Army Recruiting is still setting the pace for creativity.
  9. Michael Specht, always good for an intelligent view, offers Blogging Makes the World Go Round  which details approaches to developing online Competitive Intelligence.
  10. Think why information is available! comes from ResearchZilla and is a good reminder that competitive intelligence is a vailable for a variety of reasons.

Don't forget to check out the blogs on bert.

- John Sumser

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