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(September 29, 2005)  Here's the meat. When using tools to assess the likelihood that a candidate is a fit or to develop a pool of candidates for a job,
  • Only assessments that are relevant and valid should be administered. That means selecting assessments that test an applicant's skills, competencies or other attributes directly related to the job for which the person is applying.
  • The use of valid instruments (those that have been measured for their efficacy) ensures fairness and statistically demonstrates that a test does predict a candidate's effectiveness on the job.
  • Employers must be extremely careful to avoid any selection tool that has a discriminatory impact.

Otherwise, big fines and lawsuits will follow. These guidelines are in place in the US to prevent discriminatory hiring practices.

Referral systems make the implicit claim that "more of the same" is a good thing. If you stop to think for just a moment,  that's the essence of a referral program. And, it's the heart of employment discrimination. For the most part, referral systems are the precise opposite of merit systems. It isn't always true. But, it's very hard work to use a referral system to generate hiring based on equal opportunity. By definition, referrals are an exclusive network.

John Sullivan, the legendary center of the Online Recruiting universe, supplied us with an interesting table comparing sourcing alternatives. Of course, it's one health care provider's results set. We like the table because it shows how to think about measuring and comparing the effectiveness of various sourcing alternatives.

 Measure   Referral  Internet   postings  Improvement 
 Cost  $2,796 $1,877  - $919
 Offer Acceptance Rate 95.4% 81.2% + 14.5%
 Voluntary Turn < 1 yr 9.3%  22.1% + 2.3X
 Voluntary Turn > 1 yr  3.2% 12.5% + 3.9X
 Termination rate < 1 yr 1.2%  4.4% + 3.6X
 Performance Rating*  4.14 3.62 + 14.3%

Of course, this measurement neglects to point out that performance ratings are usually a measure of adherence to the status quo. There is no research that shows any correlation between "Performance Ratings" and corporate performance. The data underscores our notion that "passive candidates are easier to hire while active candidates have more alternatives and take more effort to hire and retain." If we were a vendor, we'd get lots of charts like this. If we were a customer, we'd be wary.

The real story here is that "the quality of a building is never a function of the hammers used, it's the result of the architecture." No referral tool is going to be the panacea for anything. The best of them are good hammers in a toolkit of complex approaches. What really makes or breaks corporate recruiting is the underlying workforce planning, integration with business objectives and clear ties between organizational results and recruiting execution.

It's going to be really important to be vigilant about the consequences of tool selection. Being lazy and not thinking will result in the kind of shoddy workmanship that exposes the firm to big liability problems. The hammer doesn't make the building but using it poorly can make the building fail.

From Tap My Mind comes the first evidence of referral blogging. This is where the action really is.

"Are any of my 3 readers qualified for one these jobs posted on karmaONE?  If so, I'll split the referral money with you!  ;)

Don't forget to check out the blogs on bert.

- John Sumser

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