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November 13, 2002) - We're fast becoming fans of Campus Career Center (CCC). The small Cambridge based operation offers a refreshing change from the dominant online campus recruiting models. While JobTrak (and its closest competitors) offer software that standardizes and automates the pre-existing Career Center Job Boards (weaving them into a classified advertising network), CCC focuses on getting the word out and getting bodies to interviews.

The key to CCC's difference is an enormous team of college students on over 1,000 campuses who distribute flyers and wake interviewees when necessary. The company devotes 30% of its staff and nearly half of its revenue in the maintenance and compensation of the broadly distributed team. CCC manufactures its own traffic through an ongoing series of campus by campus promotions.

So, on the one hand (if you just look at the company as a website), it's a job board. On the other hand, it's a way of reaching far beyond the traditional boundaries of the college's career operation and into the dorms and classrooms. The firm differentiates itself by viewing a customer's success in terms of physical candidates rather than simply a flow of statistically probable data with no flesh-blood guarantee.

Up until now, it's been adequate performance for a job board to attract the right data and sell it as responses to a classified advertising. While we're well aware of the differences between campus recruiting and other forms of the 'sport'. we're certain that the hybrid (part web, part organizer) model offered by CCC is closer to the next generation of recruiting services than most of the others (with the obvious exceptions of Craig'sList and Media Bistro).

In other words, the company is designed to give recruiters what they want...candidates. It is organized to provide them on demand in locations specified by customers. It's a different model that merits further exploration. Their focus on fleshy results, coupled with the recession proof of viability makes it seem likely that they have enormous growth in their future.

Recently, the firm has begun adding video interviews to the format. Remarkably priced, the service allows customers t reach out to college campuses without travel expense. CCC publicizes and schedules the local process. 

We think that they are redefining the equation in the college market and setting standards for the rest of the industry. You'll be hearing more about them.

-John Sumser

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