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(October 10, 2002) -  We've always acknowledged our long term-indebtedness to the Bernard Hodes organization. As our company grew (and occasionally shrank), the Hodes team was always available for insight and a well timed check. It's been a year of transition for their company between the downturn and the retirement of their founder.

Revitalized and moving forward, Hodes recently launched their new website. It appears that the company has learned to practice what it preaches in web design. A series of executive interviews (that actually contain some meat), live polls on relevant issues, product and service descriptions, about 25 case studies, a career center, and "HR communities" are combined to provide value, demonstrate expertise and, of course, sell the company.

Compare the elegant and comprehensive delivery with TMP's offering in the same market. We think the difference can be summed up in TMP's central thesis:

So, what does it mean to be a global talent acquisition solutions provider?

Well, maybe it means we need to come up with a less cumbersome way to describe our business. 

- from the TMP Advertising and communications website.

Free from the encumbrances of post-acquisition integration and pounding market pressure that occupy TMP's attention, Hodes has navigated the past year and presents itself as it is while setting a standard, in public, for the work that will follow. Solid agency work involves, more than anything else, the simplification and clarification of the message before it is published. The Hodes website is a solid example of what a well rounded company package should look like. It is particularly interesting as a 'role model' for career sites with its emphasis on providing value at each step of discovery.

-John Sumser

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