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Brilliant Difference
September 30, 2002) - The job fair business has been in tatters for a while. Once a vibrant part of the employment landscape, it fell victim to the last round of newspaper industry acquisitions. It's one of those spots in the business that was simply waiting for the right idea.

These days, the newspapers are pretty energized. After seven years, many of the firms have realized that local markets are their strength and that national ambitions are unproductive. That has led to serious blossoming and a deeper understanding of the local labor market as well as the beginnings of customer awareness. While tentative, the newspapers are finally overcoming the impact of a generation of reliance on ad agencies for their customer interface.

The labor shortage is real and countable. It matters most in the way that it specifically impacts a local market. This is the opportunity that the newspapers should be capitalizing on. But, in a labor shortage, the reader (or candidate) is far more powerful and less likely to do the things associated with surplus.

Job fairs, long envied by the newspapers for their profit margins, are a logistics business. While newspapers have some logistics expertise, it tends to be in the transportation department rather than the classified sections. Typically, the newspapers have screwed up every time they've tried to play in the arena.

We think we see a brilliant difference. The New York Times, through its "networking nights" appears to have come to terms with local markets and taking the message to the candidate. Borrowing a model from our long term favorite, MediaBistro  (as described in our Newspaper's Future), Networking Nights is a partnership between the Times, it's hiring customers, Starbucks and Staffing firms. Featuring candidate content, human networking, job possibilities and a very intimate local setting, the model is on the right track.

The New York Times Job Market Group appears to be getting it right on a lot of levels. We find ourselves in the awkward position of using the words "New York Times" and "innovation" in the same sentence. We're certain that this model will be experimented with and refined. It's a winner.

 -John Sumser

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