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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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How To Recruit Online
(February 07, 1997): Remember Personnel Journal? They've renamed themselves and re-emerged as Workforce Magazine. They redesigned their website as part of the overhaul. While we prowled through their archives, we chanced upon an article called "How To Recruit Online" by Shannon Peters Talbott. It's based on an extensive interview with John Sumser and describes a small bit of the material in the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index. We've included it in the archives as a part of the clippings collection.

Effective online recruiting isn't simply joining one of the major employment advertising distribution services. It isn't just opening a website. It isn't only posting jobs to usenet. They can be an effective component of your strategy.

Maximizing the value you receive from those services is another matter. Knowing which service to use (and when) requires continuous testing and adaptation.

A quick note about email....
A friend says "Only put in email that which you wish to be read by the world."

Domain Names

(February 06, 1997): It's good news and bad news. Last night, a plan to expand the number of domain names was approved. When the new domains:

  • .firm for businesses, or firms
  • .store for businesses offering goods to purchase
  • .web for entities emphasizing activities related to the WWW
  • .arts for entities emphasizing cultural and entertainment activities
  • .rec for entities emphasizing recreation/entertainment activities
  • .info for entities providing information services
  • .nom for those wishing individual or personal nomenclature

are implemented, there will be a slightly more rigorous process to deal with claims surrounding trademark and intellectual property issues.

The good news....If you were disappointed at not being able to call your domain "Job Smart", you'll have seven new opportunities to grab the name. That's also the bad news.

In a world that has 7 to 10 businesses operating with the same name that you use, there will be lots of opportunities for confusion. Traffic to your site will increasingly depend on the inbound links that you generate. These new domains essentially eliminate the advantage gained by naming and increase the difficulty of merging brand name and domain name.

We've included the full text of the Press Release describing the new domains in our archives. Have a couple of cups of coffee before you read it. It's written in deep Internet gobbledygook.

If you keep your eyes on the press over the next couple of days, the details of this new scheme should be widely reported.

A company called NETNAMES USA - International Domain Name Registry is taking orders for new names that will be processed as soon as the gates open. You can reach them at:

NETNAMES USA - International Domain Name Registry
430 West 14th St., Suite 401
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212 634-0185
Fax: 212 634-0187

The Tour Is The Start

(February 05, 1997): We're big fans of the Ziff-Davis AnchorDesk. The site behaves more like a magazine than most of the other pretenders. It oriented towards the cmputer industry, so it clearly isn't of interest to everyone. But, if you're trying to keep up with the mad swirl of technology, it deserves a bookmark.

Today's feature is called "Finding the Perfect Job On the Web". With lots of useful references (including downloadable tools for all platforms), the story is a near perfect introduction to Web Job Hunting. Take a peek.

We think it's interesting for a number of reasons. With the resources available to Web giants like Ziff-Davis and CMP, how long will it be before they recognize the revenue potential of Employment advertising and Recruiting.? Like other organizations with editorial resources, there are any number of logical entrants into the industry who simply haven't moved yet. All it takes to change the marketplace dynamics is a change of focus.

The piece also demonstrates how elegantly an introduction to Web Employment services can be executed. Simple tools, simple instructions.

EERI Awards: Best In Class

(February 04, 1997): Last week, we announced the 1997 EERI (Excellence in the Electronic Recruiting Industry Awards). There were 100 companies represented in 15 categories that emerged as a part of our research for the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index.

Today, we are pleased to announce the "Best in Class" for each of the categories. All of the EERI Award winners demonstrate the future of Electronic Recruiting. The Best in Class winners stand out, in the minds of our judges and juries, as this year's best in the business.

Corporations - Service/MfgArthur Andersen
Corporations- Technology Cisco Systems, Inc. Employment
Educational InstitutionsRPI Career Resources
Industry SuppliersHR Live
Job Seekers ToolsJob Smart
Master SitesMonster Board
New Generation RecruitersTripod: Work & Money
Pioneer's AwardRiley Guide
Print PublishersTechCareers (CMP)
Recruiters - Market NichesMedSearch America
Recruiters - NetworksNet-Temps
Recruiters - Non TechnicalCool Works
Recruiters - TechnicalMindSource Opportunities
Resume DatabasesSkillSearch Corporation
Newspapers Take Note

(February 03, 1997): Steve Outing regularly covers the impact of the Web on the Newspaper Industry for Editor and Publisher Interactivein a thrice weekly column, "Stop The Presses". The Friday, Jan 31 column is a lengthy piece covering the impact of Electronic Recruiting on the classified advertising business. It includes a mention of our 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index.

According to one source, Employment advertising accounts for $4.8 Billion in newspaper revenues. On one level, Electronic Recruiting can be seen as a direct assault on that revenue stream.

Partnering the Niche

(February 02, 1997): The Monster Board continues to gain momentum. Their most recent market venture is a partnership with Advertising Age. The Advertising Age Job Bank tries to streamline the job search process for marketing, advertising and creative types. Related career materials include a salary survey, counseling, resume tips, and offer evaluation hints.

From a recruiter's perspective, this partnership creates a very important employment advertising outlet for the Ad Industry. It's an easy to use tool that reaches advertising professionals where they work.

More significantly, the partnership announces the coming of age of Electronic Recruiting. It is a large feather in the cap of the Monster board team. By partnering with one of the major Ad industry trade journals, they've demonstrated the viability of employment ads as a revenue stream to a much larger audience. As the ad industry begins to understand the revenue potentials of online recruiting, we expect to see an influx of similar partnerships with other professional journals.

1997 Electronic Recruiting Index

(January 20, 1997): Over the past 75 days, we've been slaving over the new edition of the Electronic Recruiting Index. Yesterday, we shipped the finished product to our (very patient) prepublication customers. The book is a wonder to behold in two volumes. It includes:
  • Detailed planning for placing online Employment ads
  • A section written for managers of Internet Projects
  • Pricing comparisons of 75 key Recruiting sites
  • A detailed analysis of the Top 100 websites
  • A Directory of over 5800 Online Recruiters
  • A solid look at the Recruiting Industry in 1996
  • Forecasts and Trends for 1997and beyond
  • The Impact of Demographics on Recruiting
  • Motivations and Entry costs for the Various Market segments
If you are:
  • In the business and considering a change in strategy,
  • Considering entering the business, or
  • Trying to stay abreast of the changing landscape
You need to read this report.

"Recruiter's Resolutions For 2003:

1. Finally, clear the resumes off my desk
2. Take a speed-reading course to get through resumes faster
3. Find three new places to source good people
4. Lower cost-per -hire (make that, determine cost-per-hire...then lower it!)
5. Find a talent Management system to help with all of the above.

We know what you're up against. And we've got the answer.

Hodes iQ, brought to you by Bernard Hodes Group. From adopting our talent management system or enhancing your own system to providing new sourcing strategies on the web, we have proven solutions to make your recruiting enterprise better. Find out how Hodes iQ and Hodes iQPost can help you in the new year and beyond.

Put Hodes iQ to the test.

Call 888.438.9911 or visit http://www.hodesiq.com today.

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