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  • 24 Electronic Recruiting Trends 2001 Requires Acrobat.
  • The 2001 Electronic Recruiting Index pre-sales have begun. Order your copy today!
  • The 1997 EERI Awards VI

    (February 1, 1997): This article concludes our listing of the top 100 Electronic Recruiters (The EERI Awards). Next week, we'll name the "Best In Class" and the "Best Tools for Job Hunters". In the following week, we'll name the "Best Overall Recruiting Site". The material will be expanded and detailed into a single tool for recruiters.

    The research for this project is detailed in the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index along with industry forecasts, detailed media planning guidance, strategic planning tools and a manager's guide to Net Recruiting.

    Niche Markets

    Resume Databases

    The 1997 EERI Awards V

    (January 31, 1997): Master Sites are the current backbone of employment advertising distribution on the Web. The 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index covers and compares their features and pricing in great detail. If you are trying to Recruit new employees (or find candidates), you are going to have to wrestle with your use of these sites.

    Master Sites

      The competition is extremely fierce in this segment. It's liable to get more so. Basic features usually include job hunting advice, pointers to other HR and Recruiting resources, job posting, corporate profiles, banner advertising, posting to other services (USENET), automated job matching "agents" and (occasionally) effectiveness reporting for advertisiers who use the service. These are the "one size fits all" offerings. Sometimes, a meager graphic interface hides a powerful recruiting ability. We particularly emphasized recruiting effectiveness when selecting this premier group from the 150 (or so) competitors in the niche.

      If you are looking for the visionaries in Online Recruitment and Employment advertising, you'll find most of them here. The men and women who found and staff these websites are pioneers. The perspective of each site varies (sometimes significantly).

      In general, this group represents a microcosm of the idea that the market is the best source of innovation.

    Pioneer's Award

      Margaret Riley's Job Guide is like the first Lewis and Clark maps of the great Midwest. We've given her a separate place in the hierarchy of EERI awards.

    Best Job Seeker's Tools

      Next week, we'll be announcing two additional categories of award: Job Seeker's Tools and The Best in each Category. One site insists on "sticking to its knitting" and only functions as a job seeker's aid. In spite of its emphasis on the San Francisco Area, Job Smart wins our nod as the best Job Seeker's tool on the Web. If Margaret Riley's Job Guide is the map, Job Smart is the user's manual.

    The 1997 EERI Awards IV

    (January 30, 1997):Two of the trends covered in the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index are the formation of Recruiting Networks and the rapid "internationalization" of the industry.

    Recruiting Networks

      We're terribly excited about the possibilities of Network Recruiting. Essentially, companies band together under an umbrella and optimize the synergy of the whole. So, Entertainment Recruitment Network is a collection of Hollywood companies who consolidate their Electronic Recruiting efforts under one banner. What makes the arena interesting is that a band of small to medium sized companies can position themselves as an effective competitor with a larger entity.

      It's somewhat contrary to standard Recruiting practice with its focus on exclusivity and secrecy. The best players in this game use the resources of individual member companies to develop a pool of tools and candidate information that no individual player could develop on its own..

    International Recruiting

    The 1997 EERI Awards III

    (January 29, 1997): The 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index looks at the online Recruiting marketplace from an expansive perspective. The costs of entry are very different for each of the types of players. Today's awards are from two of the groups with the most potential to turn the marketplace on its head.

    New Generation Recruiters

      The Web has rhythms and sensibilities of its own. Most businesses that venture online prefer to move within their exisiting competencies. New Generation Recruiters are a class of companies that demonstrate the market shattering potential of this new medium. They range from a Real Estate company to a Television station to a liquour distributor to a well known web directory service. Each entrant in this category represents a successful twist on non-Web operating assumptions. They may be the places that invent the future of Recruiting.

    Print Publishers

    The 1997 EERI Awards II

    (January 28, 1997): In evaluating the various (over 1600) corporate HR sites, we found many dismal failures and some bright spots. Generally speaking, there is a qualitative difference between Recruiting done by technical firms and non-technical (service and manufacturing) companies. This discrepancy reflects both the demographics of the Web and the pace at which the various Industrial sectors embraced the technology.

    So we split both corporate HR efforts and third party recruiters into Technical and Non-Technical sectors. The best recruiting sites, determined by our reviewers and juries were:

    Corporations, Technical

    Corporations, Manufacturing and Services

    Recruiters, Technical

    Recruiters, Non-Technical

    The 1997 EERI Awards

    (January 27, 1997): A central component of developing the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index was a detailed a disciplined review of the 3500 Websites in the Recruiting Industry at the end of 1997. Each site was reviewed against 10 criteria and given a grade.

    At the very top of the heap were 100 sites that demonstrated Excellence in the Electronic Recruiting Industry (EERI). The Top 100 fit (sometimes neatly, sometimes not so neatly) into 15 categories. In each category, we will name a "Best In Class". This week, we're going to showcase those sites and their categories.

    The award process was juried by a team of seven reviewers and four judges.

    Educational Institutions

      Often the very best place for a job hunter to begin using the net to find work, the Educational Institutions are an interesting category. Some are direct activities directed by career resource offices; some are commercial operations that provide services to colleges and universities; one used to be a part of Stanford's operations and appears to be becoming commercial. If you want to build traffic to your website, being listed with these high visibility services is critical. Given that simple description, the best Educational Institution sites are:

    Industry Suppliers

    During the rest of this week, we'll lay out the other 85 of our Top 100.

    1997 Electronic Recruiting Index

    (January 20, 1997): Over the past 75 days, we've been slaving over the new edition of the Electronic Recruiting Index. Yesterday, we shipped the finished product to our (very patient) prepublication customers. The book is a wonder to behold in two volumes. It includes:
    • Detailed planning for placing online Employment ads
    • A section written for managers of Internet Projects
    • Pricing comparisons of 75 key Recruiting sites
    • A detailed analysis of the Top 100 websites
    • A Directory of over 5800 Online Recruiters
    • A solid look at the Recruiting Industry in 1996
    • Forecasts and Trends for 1997and beyond
    • The Impact of Demographics on Recruiting
    • Motivations and Entry costs for the Various Market segments
    If you are:
    • In the business and considering a change in strategy,
    • Considering entering the business, or
    • Trying to stay abreast of the changing landscape
    You probably want to give this report a solid reading.

    Meanwhile, we're strutting around the office like proud parents.

    Recruiters' Internet
    Survival Guide

    (AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
    Order your copy today.

    See a detailed index of our past issues

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    • More Research Tools
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    • 1996 In Review
    • Prettier With a Lobotomy
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    • Net As Recruiting Tool
    • Navigator 4.0
    • More About Newspapers
    • Domain Names
    • Newspapers
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