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Germany and Eastern Europe Drive Sustained Recruitment Growth, Reports Monster Employment Index Europe

(September 6, 2011)   August 2011 Index Highlights:
  • The Monster Employment Index Europe exhibits 21 percent annual growth in August, maintaining last month's trend

  • Industrial production continues to lead in the Index in August

  • All industries continue to exhibit positive annual growth except public sector, defence, community

  • Craft and related workers continued its lead with the strongest growth of all occupations for the fifth consecutive month

  • Germany continues to drive the highest growth across the EU, while the Netherlands notes a slight easing

The Monster Employment Index Europe is a monthly gauge of online job demand based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career web sites and online job listings across Europe. The Index does not reflect the trend of any one advertiser or source, but is an aggregate measure of the change in job listings across the industry.

"Strong double-digit growth trends in Germany, France and Sweden have driven the notable 21 percent increase in year-over-year growth for Europe," commented Alan Townsend, Vice President of Sales Readiness and Business Operations for Monster Europe. "Employers, particularly in the public sector and banking/ finance, continue to remain cautious but in general are still hiring for critical positions across all occupational groups."

Monster Employment Index Europe results for the past 18 months are as follows:
    Mar   10     104
    Apr   10     108
    May  10     112
    Jun   10     114
    Jul    10     115
    Aug  10     115
    Sep  10     117
    Oct  10     122
    Nov  10     122
    Dec  10     122
    Jan   11     116
    Feb   11     125
    Mar   11     131
    Apr   11     136
    May  11     135
    Jun   11     140
    Jul    11     139
    Aug  11     139

Industry Year-over-year Trends: 23 of the 24 industry sectors monitored by the Index in August exhibited positive annual growth trends.
  • Production, manufacturing maintenance and repair (up 42 percent) was this month's star performer by measure of annual growth where ongoing escalation has been strongest for Germany, as well as throughout Eastern Europe

  • Transport post and logistics (up 40 percent) slipped back to second position by measure of annual growth in August, however the current rate still reflects a high level of demand across this sector

  • Engineering (up 40 percent) and Telecommunication (up 40 percent) also reported continued strong annual growth and ranked top for the professional services segment in August

  • Public sector, defence, community (down five percent) was the only industry to report decline in activity in August in a continued response to cutbacks in this sector

Occupation Year-over-year Trends: All nine occupational groups monitored by the Index in August continued to exhibit positive annual growth.
  • Craft and related trades workers (up 48 percent) maintained a steady lead and matched its rate of annual growth in July, followed by Plant and machine operators and assemblers (up 24 percent), suggesting relative stability in underlying demand drivers, mirroring the overarching trends seen in the manufacturing and related sectors

  • Managers (up 14 percent) continued to register increased annual growth in August with an increase of two percent on last month's rate, while Professionals (up 14 percent) grew at a slower than average pace

  • Elementary occupations (up 23 percent) edged up among occupational groups, claiming third place among groups by measure of annual growth

The full monthly Monster Employment Index reports for Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom will be made available on Tuesday, 13th September at 06:00 CET at:

Read full August Report

Data for the month of September 2011 will be released on October 7, 2011.

About The Monster Employment Index Europe
The Monster Employment Index Europe provides monthly insight into online recruitment trends across the European Union. Launched in June 2005 with data from December 2004, the Index is based on a review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of corporate career sites and job boards, including Monster. The Monster Employment Index's underlying data is validated for accuracy by Research America, Inc. an independent, third-party auditing firm to ensure that measured national online job recruitment activity is within a margin of error of +/- 1.05%.

The Index monitors online job opportunities across all European Union member countries.

The monthly reports for Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Europe are available at:

About Monster Worldwide
Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW), parent company of Monster, the premier global online employment solution for more than a decade, strives to inspire people to improve their lives. With a local presence in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, Monster works for everyone by connecting employers with quality job seekers at all levels and by providing personalised career advice to consumers globally. Through online media sites and services, Monster delivers vast, highly targeted audiences to advertisers. Monster Worldwide is a member of the S&P 500 index. To learn more about Monster's industry-leading products and services, visit More information about Monster Worldwide is available at .

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