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ZipRecruiter Unveils ZipSites, Free Websites for Recruiters

(July 27, 2011) ZipRecruiter, a web-based service that streamlines the hiring process by enabling companies to post to more than 20 leading job boards with one click, introduced ZipSites, a new feature that lets recruiters create free, customizable websites to advertise their services and job openings. ZipSites offer recruiters a way to quickly build and maintain a professional online presence without having to spend considerable time and money on designers or programmers.

Setting up a ZipSite for the first time takes less than ten minutes. ZipRecruiter first walks recruiters through choosing their own layout and colors, uploading a logo and selecting a new URL. They can then add available positions through a simple interface and automatically post them to more than 20 leading job boards. In addition, each ZipSite can be customized with the recruiter's company overview, available services, team bios and contact information. A recruiter's job postings are automatically connected to their website, and they can edit any of the site content at any time. ZipSites also feature SEO-optimized content that is automatically indexed by search engines, which ensures that the right candidates can easily find and apply to the recruiter's open positions.

"Since ZipRecruiter launched, we've spoken to hundreds of recruiters, and learned that creating and maintaining a website is one of the bigger challenges recruiters face," said Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter's co-founder and CEO. "We developed ZipSites to provide recruiters a free and easy way to create and maintain a professional presence online where they can promote their available positions. Everything is point-and-click editable which means recruiters never need to pay a designer or programmer to keep their site up to date. This is another step in ZipRecruiter's goal to streamline the hiring process for everyone - from small businesses to recruiters."

Offering free websites for recruiters complements ZipRecruiter's existing suite of services, which includes job posting distribution, applicant tracking, and a searchable resume database. Thousands of new businesses are signing up for ZipRecruiter every month, with more than 30% of new customers coming from word of mouth.

About ZipRecruiter
ZipRecruiter offers the fastest and easiest way to get a job listing in front of millions of candidates. ZipRecruiter's web-based platform streamlines the hiring process by enabling companies to post a job on more than 20 leading job boards with one click and manage all applicants through a simple online interface. By providing a central location for finding, screening and tracking applicants, ZipRecruiter empowers employers to quickly make the best hiring decisions, at a fraction of the cost of traditional job boards. Founded in 2010, ZipRecruiter is a privately-held company based in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, visit

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