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SAP Executive Search Firm Projects Tremendous Growth in 2011

(February 8, 2011) ASAP Talent Services, an SAP Executive Recruiting and Consulting Firm, is celebrating a great start to 2011.

"In the past sixty days we've added five new clients and placed three executive level roles with two of our clients," said Jeremy Sisemore, CEO of ASAP Talent Services. "In all, 13 of our clients have asked us to help recruit and hire over 50 SAP professionals just in the 1st Quarter of 2011."

"We're seeing strong SAP hiring efforts among our Fortune 500 clientele across the country, but the Midwestern states seem to be particularly strong." said minority partner Erek Gerth.

"Two of our biggest hiring efforts are in support of Fortune 100 clients that are just beginning brand new global multi-year SAP ECC 6.0 implementations."

Mr. Sisemore went on to say, "having truly great clients and exciting opportunities to speak about with SAP professionals really sets us apart in the market and keeps our relationships strong with SAP consultants throughout the country."

ASAP Talent Services' clients include many of the world's most recognizable companies and global leaders in virtually all industries. "Clients implementing SAP for the first time often struggle to recruit and hire talent and benefit from a partnership that can give them access to over 80% of the qualified talent pool, those that are not found on popular job boards," says Mr. Sisemore.

Talented individuals seeking new positions will benefit from the company's new web site and job search. "Applications are reviewed instantly by our staff, and when there is a strong match, we are able to arrange interviews quickly," added Mr. Sisemore.

About ASAP Talent Services
ASAP Talent Services is a full-service SAP Talent Acquisition Firm representing many of the world's leading companies. Since 2000, over fifty Fortune 500 companies have trusted the ASAP Team to help them hire qualified ERP talent. Services include human capital consulting services, executive retained recruitment, contingency recruiting, SAP consulting and staff augmentation services, recruiter process outsourcing (RPO), retention services, client-centric customized RFPs, and more.

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