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Marketing Is A Conversation

(June 07, 2007) The idea that marketing is a conversation between a company and an industry ecosphere is not particularly new. The Cluetrain Manifesto (full text of the book is here) articulated the idea in 2000. Much of the substance of Web 2.0 ideas and techniques are directly related to the idea that markets are conversations.

When you look at the vast majority of the crap that spews from the marketing departments of our industry, you have to wonder if this idea ever penetrated our world. Loud shouting and ridiculous claims drown out any possibility of nuanced conversation. The air is littered with so many "bests" and "biggests" that there's little room for discussions of effectiveness and quality.

One has a conversation with the idea that the other people involved are peers. Sadly, the boorish behavior of most vendors (and make no mistake, third party recruiters are vendors) features arrogance as a substitute for substance.

Having conversations that are substantial and nuanced requires an element of trust. It also requires that the participants be prepared and readily admit ignorance. In order for a conversation to take place in a market, there needs to be room for experimentation.

One of the things we like about the current itzbig approach (local development, slow rollout) is that it allows mistakes in search of improvement (and stickiness). The leadership at itzbig are all good listeners. That's a central component of developing a market. Good listening.

The other part of a good conversation is being prepared. Marketing is hard work. Someone who tells you about size and rank hasn't paid enough attention to their product development. If the marketing is not well executed, you hear repetitive nonsense. If the job is done well, you can tell the differences between one company and the other.

So, how many companies can you distinguish in the space?

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