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(May 29, 2007) Recruiting with a blog takes courage. A central element of the emerging democratic form of journalism is personal disclosure. Staying above board and authentic requires the addition of once hidden dynamics to the workplace.

More than a few people would question whether this belongs in a recruiting blog:

Love is certainly a losing game, but as is true with any (game), practice makes perfect. I'm going through a pretty tough break up right now, and it reminds me of the "break up" that happens when I have to turn down a candidate. It's a very similar disappointment that must be handled with finesse but a certain lack of compassion. This time I'm on the receiving end, and it aint pretty. I feel as though I've lost my air and I'm gasping for last words. I can look at this as a candidate instead of the ex, and know that I have to keep interviewing to find the position that's right for me; the job that I look forward to waking up and going to everyday, where I can be myself, there's room for growth, a great benefits package (wink wink!), and where my work is appreciated and my voice is heard. It's difficult to believe that I was underqualified or wasn't performing, but I rarely received feedback so it's impossible to know the truth. Funny part is that it doesn't really matter what the truth is. You just have to move on with no regard. Well I've been obsessively listening to this Amy Winehouse song and just had to share...(and yes I'm always this dramatic!) (Just What The World Needs)

Kristi Young, author of that post, is a senior recruiter for Technisource (here's her Jobster profile). From here, she looks like a space invader. She's armed to the teeth with the contemporary tools of the trade (profiles everywhere and a strong reach). She is learning to use her blog as a way to humanize and expedite her intense communications processes.

Tomorrow's recruiters work differently and more effectively than the old boys of today's market. Kristi represents a strange new world where it's increasingly an old girls network. The girls are good at social software and infrastructure. They know that you catch more flies faster with honey n the right spots.

Take a look around today's public market in Recruiting. The pros are quickly learning to make candidates a living breathing part of a network, allies in pursuit of a larger goal. While this is not new, it used to be a back office experience. Blogging brings the Recruiter to center stage.

There's a mercenary reason for using public disclosure as a tool. It's simple. The technique attracts candidates by making the Recruiter (and therefore the company) more approachable. Every time I talk to Dennis Smith, this is the gospel that he preaches.

It's all about Recruitment by attraction, the fundamental principle of Employment Branding.

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