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Leave It To Jason
(May 31, 2007) The man has got a gift for unearthing the value that stands right in front of you. Jason Davis is making real hay with his experiments on The current offering is called the 1st Contest (by the time you read this, the contest will be over).

I was lucky again to have won the last ERE Foundation Charity poker tournament. There will be more, don't worry. Because of my victory, I was able to secure through a not so lengthy negotiation a number of Fordyce Letter subscriptions.

I want to have a contest now to see if we can come up with some great recruiting content for the next week. The winner of the contest will win a full year of the Fordyce Letter. I guarantee that there will be something in those twelve issues that will help you as a recruiter. Also, it would be great to get to know some new people (

Here's my favorite entry. It's so counterintuitive that it makes perfect network sense. It's from Harry Joiner. (Here's a more interesting view of Harry  He is, of course, the Marketing Headhunter)

:The best recruiting lesson I ever learned is that the odds of my closing a search skyrocket when I get my candidates to help each other get the job. Here's how I do it:

At the beginning of a search, I assure my candidates that I will do every-ethical-thing in my power to help them get the job.

HOWEVER: In good faith, they agree that if they get knocked out of the search, they will make themselves available by phone to discuss my client's interview process with all surviving candidates.

For example, imagine that I submit six highly-qualified candidates for the same VP of Marketing job. Usually, four will get knocked out before the two survivors get called in for final interviews. My method allows the final two candidates to have confidential, in-depth calls with the four "dead" candidates before going in for their final interviews. From what I hear, a ton of outstanding intel is traded among these executives.

What's in it for the "dead" candidates? A great networking opportunity to help a colleague who's about to get a plum VP-level job at a company they respect.

What's in it for the "live" candidates? Valuable intelligence.

What's in it for me? Usually money. (

In all, there are 17 tips like this from successful recruiters who work in all aspects of the business. They're in the comments section. Davis is the master of the quick play idea that generates high return for his project and the people who participate. He is the master of the win-win offer.

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