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Bill Warren
(March 4, 2002) -
Indefatigable. Incapable of staying out of the game. Always willing to come back and try again. Persistent. Focused. Maniacal. Visionary. These are a few of the words that come to mind when considering the career, ambitions, successes and failures of Bill Warren. The founder of the "Online Career Center", which became the technical heart of Monster's operation, Warren has tried, over and over a gain, to refine, reshape and rearticulate the notion of an online job board.

Of course, he's at it again.

Warren's favorite gambit is the non-profit association of employers. (We never did actually understand how he was able to sell a non-profit to Monster the first time.) This time, it is called "Direct Employers"

The non profit was formed with the following principles at the core of the operation:

  • create a cooperative of employers, through a non-profit Association, to develop and manage an electronic employment advertising and communication system for human capital management;
  • share among a cooperative group of employers any and all available technology and use this technology to assist in recruiting, communications, and human capital management;
  • participate in electronic media employment advertising, recruiting and communication direction, development, and costs; and provide administrative services for its membership;
  • keep members informed as to state of the art technology and to share this information with human resource professionals who are responsible for human capital management and the employment process;
  • own and manage DirectEmployers, an employment search engine which provides the opportunity for employers and job seekers to establish and maintain long-term relationships;
  • use technology in a manner which acknowledges, values and respects diversity and reflects the rich array of cultures represented in a broad global workforce;
  • provide a common communications system for human resource professionals in the private and public sectors who are responsible for human capital management, including the employment process.
  • provide a forum for companies to research and share best practices within the recruiting and employment industry.

With the ostensible goals of "making the corporate employment website the most valuable asset in the recruiting process and to promote long-term relationships between employers and job seekers", Direct Employers has attracted a set of remarkable charter members.

Borrowing a page from the CareerCast approach (and adding the value missed by CareerCast), the underlying technology promises to:

  • index all the job postings on your company website on a daily basis, thus making all of your opportunities available to jobseekers.
  • detecting when your site may be "down" for maintenance or when jobs have been expired from your corporate website. Instead of jobseekers receiving error messages, they will be redirected to other "live" pages on your website
We're patting ourselves on the back over this one. Last year, to a great deal of pooh-poohing, we forecast the emergence of an Employer owned alternative to the major job boards. Although we think the non-profit model ignores the wealth creation possibilities for the "owners", it will be extremely interesting to see how a collective of capitalists work together when the hiring stakes get complex and hyper-competitive.

Bill Warren won the Employment Management Association's prestigious Pericles Pro Meritus Award. It's nice to see that he isn't resting on his laurels.

- John Sumser  

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