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5 Years Ago Today
(January 28, 2003) -
-Here is the news from five years ago. Results, pricing and visibility in early 1998.

Voodoo Free Sales Techniques

(January 22, 1998) We saw an interesting announcement from Hot Jobs, the rising industry star. The system's new features are centered on delivery of a "home page" for candidates that includes:
  • statistics on how many times their resume has been viewed,
  • "masking" of resumes from selected companies
  • links to all the jobs that they have applied to
  • a personal search agent (PSA)
Hot Jobs, following the industry pattern pioneered by DICE, is indicating its intention to stay in the industry over the long haul. They are merging candidate-centric features with advertising selectivity to build career-long loyalty. This is an essential component in the new market.

What was most interesting about the announcement, however, were the following statistics:

  • Hot Jobs is receiving over 12 million "hits" per month
  • the average job to hit ratio is 2887 hits per job per month
It's a first, as far as we know. All of the usual market BS aside, what matters when you choose a service is the sheer likelihood that a job posting will be seen. Hot Jobs deserves a huge round of applause for beginning to disclose the real results available from their service. But, it's just the start.

When you use a job posting service, all that you are buying is the likelihood that your listing will be seen by the right type of candidate. In other areas of the web (notably banner advertising), the parameters are becoming clear. It's worth between $.05 and $.12 each time your job listing appears on a search results page (the equivalent of banner "impressions"). Given normal web response rates, it's worth between $2.50 and $6.00 each time a candidate actually reads your listing. (Whether or not they respond to the listing is a function of how well it's written and beyond the control of the job board.)

You can easily calibrate the value you're receiving from a job board by multiplying the number of times a listing was seen (or read) by these numbers. Simply compare the result to your price.

While the Hot Jobs announcement is a great beginning, the information would be more useful if it actually defined average appearances (impressions) and average readings (clicks). Nonetheless we applaud their start and look forward to the day when the mystery is removed from the sales pitches. Hot Jobs is here to stay and appears to be setting real trends in results measurement and voodoo free sales techniques.

- John Sumser  

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