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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Search Tool
(February 21, 1997): It's a simple idea....provide results from 4 search engines in a single web page. The all4one Search Machine accomplishes the task gracefully. Bookmark it and expand your search effectiveness.

American Kieretsu

(February 20, 1997): AT&T, DuPont, GTE, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent Technologies, NCR Corp., TRW, Union Pacific Resources Group, Unisys and United Parcel Service joined forces yesterday to form the Talent Alliance, a privately funded not-for-profit organization committed to helping both workers and companies address the effects of a rapidly changing economy and labor market.

Alliance members will pool resources to deliver HR services in four main categories:

  • Job applicant/Matching
  • A comprehensive on-line database with state-of-the-art search/match capabilities
  • Training and Education, featuring shared courses and best practices from member companies
  • Career Growth Centers, offering individual career management services
  • FuturesForum, providing expert insights into issues and trends affecting employees and employers, and platforms for workplace forums and seminars.

In recognition of the underlying demographic trends (shortages now in the entry levels, later in the mid to top tiers), Talent Alliance appears to be an attempt to keep talent within the confines of a Kieretsu (network) of member companies. Savings in fees from Search and Outplacement firms could easily fuel the non-profit organization.

Although Talent Alliance has a long way to go in proving itself, the core idea is sound. If this particular attempt is unsuccesful (poor funding, bad management or off-base technology decisions), the market is clearly ready the approach.

If you are in an HR department, it would be irresponsible not to evaluate the resource. If you're a third party recruiter, pay particularly close attention. The future will contain a variety of organizations with similar missions. Staffing and the management of an adaptive labor force are rapidly moving to the forefront of strategic management issues.

Membership costs and details are sketchy at best. We'll be keeping a close eye on this development.

Live Topics

(February 19, 1997): AltaVista is offering an exciting supplement to their search capabilities. Called Live Topics, the feature is an option after you've begun a search. Essentially, Live Topics gives prioritized guidance for narrowing massive search results. Have your research teams explore the capability.

Best Tools For Job Hunters

(February 18, 1997): More from the 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index. One of the surprising paradoxes of the employment matching game is that the resources that work best for job hunters are not always the resources that work best for recruiters. Two weeks ago, we announced the best in class Recruiting site awards. This week, we offer the Best Tools for Job Hunters.

Name of ServiceJob ListingsResume Submittal
About WorkN/AN/A
CareerMosaicJ.O.B.S.Post A Resume
E-SPANJob SearchPost Your Resume
Extreme Resume DropN/AResume Drop
IntellimatchJob FinderPower Resume
Job SmartN/AN/A
Job-HuntSearch InterfacesN/A
Monster BoardSearch AgentResume Builder
Net-TempsJob OpeningsSubmit Resume
Online Career CenterOCC JobsPost Resume
Recruiters OnLine NetCareersOnlinePostmaster
RPI Career ResourcesN/AN/A
Student CenterN/AN/A
TechCareers (CMP)Find A JobN/A
Tripod: Work & MoneyN/AN/A

Surviving The Resume Downpour

(February 17, 1997): We often hear a singularly odd gripe about using the Net as a Recruiting tool. "We're buried in a sea of resumes". We don't think that the problem of overabundance is either new or terribly significant. It is, however, a terrifying component of the Web learning curve. Just as sure as you need email and a job listings database to survive on the Net, you need a response and applicant tracking tool.

Interactive Search, a Los Angeles based enterprise offers an outsourcing solution. For a monthly fee and (we think) per response access charges, Interactive Search will become your offsite resume database manager. You save time and hassle.

Poetry as a Recruiting Tool

(February 16, 1997): In our books and reports, we talk about Autheticity as a critical component of Recruiting website design. As a medium, the web is very personal and intrusive. It shouts and dances where paper based delivery just sits and simmers. Authenticity, the sense that web material emerges in a direct communication between two people, is a very rare commodity in Recruiting Websites.

Electra, the author behind JobSmart.org, is somehow able to create this sense of intimacy as she describes the ins and outs of Net based job hunting.

Kevin Johansen, the entrepreneurial energy that powers 4Work.com, is trying an interestingly risky strategy to create Autheticity. In a regular column, highlighted on the 4Work home page, Johansen stretches out and philosophizes. About life, about work, about community. While we're not sure about its effectiveness, we are sure that you won't find anything even remotely close in the rest of the recruiting world. The experiment has been running for the past six weeks.

Recently, Johansen launched the 4work.com Poetry Corner with the following missive:

I was once a bad poet. Probably still am. Though I really liked the lifestyle, I didn't write much that was important. Then my overhead got the best of me (Wimmen!), and I got into business by default. I do like it, though, and I think it important that people be exposed to it. Consequently, I have created some space @4work.com to record the lyrics of this song of change.

So click-thru to the 4work.com Poetry Corner, and enjoy.

The gambit may not be as silly as it initially appears. The web creates an opportunity to humanize recruiting. It creates the possibility that vocation (careers embued with passion) will find renewed emphasis. Minus the sexist snipes and focused on the needs of job hunters, a poetry corner could serve as a solid attractor for the kind of idealistic employee that employers long to find.

1997 Electronic Recruiting Index

(January 20, 1997): Over the past 75 days, we've been slaving over the new edition of the Electronic Recruiting Index. Yesterday, we shipped the finished product to our (very patient) prepublication customers. The book is a wonder to behold in two volumes. It includes:
  • Detailed planning for placing online Employment ads
  • A section written for managers of Internet Projects
  • Pricing comparisons of 75 key Recruiting sites
  • A detailed analysis of the Top 100 websites
  • A Directory of over 5800 Online Recruiters
  • A solid look at the Recruiting Industry in 1996
  • Forecasts and Trends for 1997and beyond
  • The Impact of Demographics on Recruiting
  • Motivations and Entry costs for the Various Market segments
If you are:
  • In the business and considering a change in strategy,
  • Considering entering the business, or
  • Trying to stay abreast of the changing landscape
You need to read this report.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

"Recruiter's Resolutions For 2003:

1. Finally, clear the resumes off my desk
2. Take a speed-reading course to get through resumes faster
3. Find three new places to source good people
4. Lower cost-per -hire (make that, determine cost-per-hire...then lower it!)
5. Find a talent Management system to help with all of the above.

We know what you're up against. And we've got the answer.

Hodes iQ, brought to you by Bernard Hodes Group. From adopting our talent management system or enhancing your own system to providing new sourcing strategies on the web, we have proven solutions to make your recruiting enterprise better. Find out how Hodes iQ and Hodes iQPost can help you in the new year and beyond.

Put Hodes iQ to the test.

Call 888.438.9911 or visit http://www.hodesiq.com today.

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