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Archives: 2 Weeks Ending 09-07-96
Another Personal Agent
(September 06, 1996): Hey, it's becoming the price of entry. Career Builder, a Northern Virginia employment advertising service has a personal agent (if you can find it) that searches their database and reports back by email. The site is an offering from NetStart, a firm that sells a resume management system designed for recruiters.

Though the features seemed useful, we could find little in the way of pricing or service information. It's a good lesson...if you want people to know what you're selling, make sure it's on your site.

Staying Abreast Of The Technology

(September 05, 1996): For latest technology news when it happens, be sure to check out TechWire, CMP's technology news site.

We think TechWire is the single, best source of daily high-technology news, with more up-to-the minute information than any other high tech publishing site. Updated throughout the day, TechWire covers the full spectrum of technology, from chips to PCs to the network.

The Customer Is Everything

(September 04, 1996): It's surprising how few of the players in the Electronic Recruiting Business really understand their customers. From the promotional material, you'd think that all a recruiter has time for is the posting of job listings on the net. In fact, this is the smallest of the problems.

We're looking forward to the development of well designed interfaces to employer HR systems. The move is inevitable (and we've seen plans for several). Players who don't rapidly move into customer integration are in trouble.

62 New Recruiting Sites

(September 03, 1996): In the month of August, 62 New Recruiters and Employment advertisers opened their doors for business on the net (not including the Yahoo move). With 3500 sites now in existence (by our count) this means that the marketplace grew by about 2% last month. We sense a slowing as the market saturates and the existing players reformulate their approaches.

Mass Email

(September 02, 1996): The desert trip evolved fairly rapidly and we ended up 1,000 miles beyond our destination looking at 800 year old web pages...pictograms in Dinosaur National Park. Imagine the story.

There's an interesting new resource emerging for users of direct email. The Direct Email Marketer's Association (DEMA) sponsors a mailing list with archives and other tips on their site. It has some interesting possibilities. We're increasingly irritated by the volume of poorly targeted and poorly written direct marketing material that seems to fill our inbasket.

On a related front, the number of list bombings appears to be growing. A list bombing involves being involuntarily subscribed to multiple high volume mailing lists. We expect the problem to be solved with increased levels of authentication for mailing lists.

IBN Goes To Burning Man

(AUGUST 30, 1996): We're taking a bit of a break over this long weekend. Look for a report from the Burning Man Festival or the Nevada Desert. We'll be back Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

Niche Magazines: Recruiting Platforms?

(AUGUST 29, 1996): Still in its infancy, WOMWEB is a collaboration between MS, Working Woman and Working Mother Magazines. Although the career management features are just taking shape, there are a number of resources for women who want to include (or exclude) certain kinds of political bias in their careers. Some of the more interesting features include We think the site is exciting for its potential to reach a certain range of professional women. As we continue to argue, niche recruiting, tied to solid editorial content will become a win-win trend in the Electronic Media. A savvy recruitment advertising firm would be wise to approach this consortium with a plan for fleshing out the career development, recruitment advertising and network components of WOMWEB.

Who Is Your Competition?

(AUGUST 28, 1996): We're astonished by the entry of Chivas Regal (the "Prince of Whiskies") into the career advice marketplace. With a complex site called Career Toolbox, the distiller has managed to set the performance level for career related content.

The site itself is a very cleanly designed offering of "strategic" advice in areas ranging from finding a job to becoming your own boss. The combination of presentation and content makes it a solid supplement to our current career advice award winner JobSmart (which handles introductory use of the Net for job hunters). Chivas is positioning itself as an aide for the post entry-level, financially ambitious knowledge worker.

The web advertising industry is abuzz with the concept of placing. It's the idea that content emerges from a background of sponsorship. The Chivas Career Toolbox is a perfect example of that concept in action.

Thought Experiment

(AUGUST 27, 1996): We're increasingly taken with the consequences of Yahoo's decision to offer job listings at no charge in their regional websites. What happens if the revenue from job advertisements drops to $0? What happens if it's merely halved?

Staying Abreast Of The Changing Market

(AUGUST 26, 1996): We think that you'll find the following articles and resources useful. They cover the current state of net demographics, marketing and online legal issues. It's a quick brush-up.

Monster Board Is On The Prowl

(AUGUST 25, 1996): With recent acquisitions and a rapidly expanding suite of services for recruiters, the Monster Board is reshaping itself as the force to be reckoned with in Electronic Recruiting. We've been bearish about Monster Board, partly because of its sheer size.

Taking a lead from Microsoft's recent corproate overhaul (remaking itself as a net provider), we see strong indicators that TMP (Monster's parent Company) is trying to shape a solid, hyperadaptive web giant.

If you havent looked recently, take a peek at the goings on.

Tutorials With The Professor

(AUGUST 24, 1996): If you're just getting started with Electronic Recruiting, be sure to visit with Professor Pete. This is, hands down, the best overall online introduction to building an Internet Presence.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

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