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Week Ending June 15, 1996
June 15, 1996
Understanding Your Options

Career Magazine appears to be optimizing their budgets on market development. With a booth at the Current COMDEX and an expanding client list, it looks like a smart short-term strategy. The site itself is beginning to suffer the signs of age that plague the web's hypercompetitive environment. Essenared to invest in a site face lift every 3 to six months.

But, the good news is that Career Magazine's recruiter programs seem to be taking off. Competitively priced, they offer a solid alternative to the more popular Recruiter's Online Network

Essentially, you buy a listing in the Executive Recruiter's Directory which entitles you to post job listings at about $30/per listing. Like the Recruiter's Online Network, its a great place to get your feet wet.

June 14, 1996
Delivering Real Value To Recruiters

As you know, we think the best way to compete on the web is by embracing the competition. Austin Knight, well known for their non-electronic recruitment advertising and employee communications services, has put together a stellar resource for Electronic Recruiters. We salute their efforts and urge you to visit their website.

Among the features:

All things considered, the Austin Knight website is an impressive display of competence and awareness of the needs of recruiters. Bravo!

June 13, 1996
More About Spiders

Just exactly how spiders actually change the Electronic Recruiting Marketplace remains to be seen. In response to a number of queries, we're providing access to more information about spiders and spider technology.

June 12, 1996
The Spiders are Coming

Put this in the "Betting on the Obvious" category. Spider technology is rapidly moving to the Electronic Employment marketplace. As the competition intensifies for site consolidation, a new employment paradigm is rapidly emerging.

Spiders (or web crawlers) search the net for specific types of information and return an indexed database of results. It's the same principle that allows AltaVista and HotBot to provide searchable indices of the Web as a whole. Reasonably inexpensive to develop, spider technology allows the consolidation of all information in a certain arena to be compiled automatically. Top Jobs is a spider based employment site. Their basic financial model appears to be a combination of subscription, advertising and listing highlights. That is, besides the obvious subscription and advertising revenue, it appears that they will allow a client to buy the equivalent of keywords for a fee.

Top Jobs should win some sort of award for being first to market. They very definitely won't be the last. Though their approach violates our basic cannon of "don't release a website before it's done", we have to applaud their market entry.

With over 40,000 jobs in their database, gathered from the web, Top Jobs showcases a terribly difficult problem. Gathering the dat is one thing, making it usable and accessible is a completely different story. As the number of employment spiders explodes, the strategic key will be, as it always is, in interface design.

We imagine that another six months of web development will bring increasing sophistication to the spider game. There are techniques for getting your content indexed more quickly or asking that the spider ignore your material. Complex, on the fly databases are somewhat problematic. Upstream service providers can be difficult. Web response times can effect performance.

June 11, 1996
Setting Standards for Performance Evaluations

In a press release announcing a record quarter of job listings (over 140,000), JOBTRAK set some other very interesting standards for the industry. One of the most difficult problems a job hunter faces when selecting a search-tool to use is understanding the rel range of possibilities that may be found in the database. The majority of Recruiting Websites are full of qualitative hype like the largest, the best, the biggest, the premier, the easiest and so on. JOBTRAK set what we believe should become an industry standard by disclosing the detailed contents of their database and the special circumstances that account for their dramatic job listing volumes.

The remainder of today's piece includes the relevant excerpts from the press release. We hope that JOBTRAK's example, which is a major benefit for both clients and candidates, will followed rapidly by the other major search engines and recruiting firms. We will happily include statistics of this caliber in our the Electronic Recruiting News.

JOBTRAK has agreed to provide us these statistics on a quarterly basis.

  • Employers advertised nearly 140,000 full and part time openings on JOBTRAK between January 1 - March 31, 1996, more than doubling the 1995 first quarter total of 65,024. Hiring for the summer Olympics fueled much of the growth, with 34,000 openings listed online.

  • JOBTRAK provides employers access to alumni and students at more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide. More than 180,000 employers have used JOBTRAK.

    You can contact JOBTRAK at:

    Ken Ramberg
    JOBTRAK Corp.
    1990 Westwood Blvd., Suite 260
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Jobs Openings Posted at College Career Centers via JOBTRAK
    January 1 through March 31, 1996

    Part-Time Full-Time Total Openings
    Job Category Job Openings Job Openings 1st Quarter '96 Percentage
    Accounting & Finance 1,288 4,011 5,299 3.8%
    Agriculture - 326 326 0.2%
    Architecture 59 258 317 0.2%
    Business & Mgmt* 20,800 7,841 28,641 20.6%
    Clerical & Secretarial 4,980 2,566 7,546 5.4%
    Commercial & Food Svcs 6,261 967 7,228 5.2%
    Communications 485 2,246 2,731 2.0%
    Computers 1,595 11,039 12,634 9.1%
    Customer Service** 2,586 17,073 19,659 14.1%
    Education 2,520 2,220 4,740 3.4%
    Engineering 268 6,066 6,334 4.5%
    Fine & Applied Arts 347 243 590 0.4%
    Graphic & Comm. Arts 205 481 686 0.5%
    Health & Life Sciences 721 504 1,225 0.9%
    In-Home 1,915 98 2,013 1.4%
    Law 44 593 637 0.5%
    Library Science 101 114 215 0.2%
    Natural Sciences 107 396 503 0.4%
    Parks & Recreation 3,489 645 4,134 3.0%
    Physical Science 73 595 668 0.5%
    Psychology 233 213 446 0.3%
    Public Affairs*** 2,211 9,323 11,534 8.3%
    Sales & Marketing 8,747 8,878 17,625 12.6%
    Trades & Construction 510 758 1,268 0.9%
    Warehouse & Delivery 2,091 269 2,360 1.7%
    ---- ---- ----
    Total 61,636 77,723 139,359
    Annualized Total 246,544 310,892 557,436

    * Includes 20,000 part-time openings for 1996 Olympic Games
    ** Includes 8,000 full-time openings for 1996 Olympic Games
    *** Includes 6,000 full-time openings for 1996 Olympic Games

    For a related article see Webweek

    June 10, 1996
    The Evolution of Technology

    The US Department of Education Technology Initiatives is an important site to bookmark and review on a regular basis. Included in a wide array of resources that will keep you abreast of the changing implications of technology in education and community is a delightful collection of white papers on The Future of Networking Technologies for Learning.

    If you are trying to keep your management appraised of the evolving capabilities of the web, point them to the Executive Briefing Section of CMP's Tech Tools

    June 9, 1996
    Features Competitions

    In the long haul, the competition for audience share in Electronic Recruiting depends on two things, effectiveness and features. Effectiveness, at the bottom line, means that your service develops the reputation for being a source for employment, not just job listings.

    The features competition looks like a continually escalating race to deliver a comprehensive suite of services for the job hunter. The latest "feature" we've noticed is The Hot Seat (a great interactive tutorial the helps the candidate prepare for job interviews) from Kaplan and Kaplan. In addition, their Career Center offers a wealth of guides showing the job hunter how to choose the right career. It's reasonable to expect that Kaplan and Kaplan would expand into recruitment advertising, given the traffic draw that they've established with The Hot Seat.

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