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Two Weeks Ending August 03, 1996

Manpower: How Not To Do It
(AUGUST 03, 1996): It looks like Manpower's second start on the web is only a very minor step forward from the first. Hopefully, the fact that they appear to have targeted investors as their primary market will pay off. It's not likely that many job hunters will be flocking to the site. We're guessing that they got some site design assistance in exchange for guaranteeing advertising volume on Career Mosaic. With a heavy emphasis on broadcasting information about the company and a limited quantity of job hunter data, we're sure that the experiment will deliver less than optimal results.

Recruiter's Online Network
and Espan

(AUGUST 02, 1996): Bill Vick is at it again. The Recruiter's Online Network is now a gateway for recruiters to use Espan ( the joblisting service). Members of RON now get significantly reduced prices for using either the Online Career Center or Espan. Given the other benefits of membership, we're hard pressed to explain why a professional third party staffing firm wouldn't immediately join Bill's rapidly growing organization.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

Free Email Accounts

(JULY 31, 1996): HotMail joins the list of companies who build an advertising client base by delivering free services. Like Tripod and others (who offer free Resume Web Pages and the tools to build them) HotMail builds a list of return clients who can then be delivered advertising information. We like the idea of paying customers to read ads and this is a splendid example.

The HotMail scheme is to give email accounts to people without full internet access. For example, many job hunters use the net from public terminals and kiosks. HotMail gives them the opportunity to join mailing lists and receive mailed newsletters as well as a return address for emailed resumes.

As a recruiter, being able to point out means for establishing an email account delivers additional value to the job hunters using your site. Offering email accounts to users who need them is a solid way to lock in a certain demographic as long term members of your database.

IEEE Job Center

(JULY 30, 1996): If you're trying to recruit technical professionals, we suggest going straight to the source. The IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers) has one of the most heavily trafficked employment websites on the net.

The site reaches members of IEEE; includes a resume section and tracks technical job fairs around the country.

8 Corners of E-Commerce

(JULY 29, 1996): We've added a new article to our (slowly) growing pile. Called The 8 Corners of E-Commerce, the article tries to place the various uses of the Web into a context for strategic decision making.

Utilizing the Web in a business is a non-trivial affair. We've seen and chronicled a number of disasters over the past year. Many (most) of them were caused by a lack of real integration with the rest of the business. The article provides a framework for thinking about the technology as a tool before leaping into the abyss.

Recent hype to the contrary, successful sites can't be developed "out of the box" from "cookie cutter" packages. A website can perform a variety of functions. They work best when developed as an integral part of the ongoing operation.

Eudora Pro 3.0

(JULY 28, 1996): We're pretty excited about the new version of Eudora (the email software). Currently only available for Macintosh systems, the new package has some pretty exciting features. All URLs are highlighted and can be tied directly to your browser. So, the URLs in your email can be immediately "clickable".

The new software also features text formatting for email (Bold, Italic, Font sizes, idents, margins etc). The days of "text only" email are rapidly closing. Formatting information is transmitted as a separate component so readers without advanced email software can still receive the standard product.

Finally, the filtering capabilities of the new version of Eudora are nothing short of remarkable. Based on definable characteristics (certain subjects, senders or key words), Eudora can be trained to return a standard reply. This is a particularly useful feature if you are considering the development of a newsletter.

The company is offering a fully featured version for a 30 day free trial and significant discounts if you're upgrading.

What does this mean for a recruiter?

Increasingly, the location and meaning of a "home page" is under assault. It's been obvious for months that huge databases of job listings are not navigable by the typical electronic job hunter. With "clickable URLs" integrated into email, it becomes increasingly possible for a recruiting site to deliver very precisely targeted sets of opportunities to the job hunter they're courting.

At the most sophisticated, we imagine personal agents that return lists of URLs. In it's simplest form, email can function as a gateway to specific services tailored to the client's needs.

As is the norm on the web, things are changing fast.

Net Business Daily

(JULY 25, 1996): Michel Bauwens, the Belgian Electronic Marketing guru, has begun an ambitious project to bring net business news to your desktop on a daily basis. Net Business Daily, now over two months old, is an outgrowth of Bauwen's fabulous project The Cybrarians Guide to Cyber Marketing.

Recruiters will find the section on Finding Corporate Sites particularly useful as a research tool.

The Project Oriented Economy

(JULY 24, 1996): While surfing the net last night, we came upon an interview with John Sumser, our editor. Called The Project Oriented Society, the interview scurries through a broad range of issues of interest to the recruiting community.

What's most interesting about the piece (to us) is that it never showed up in our regular net-surveillance using AltaVista. We were trying out the expanded capabilities of the Excite search engine (which claims to have 50% more pages indexed than AltaVista). While the number of answers to our standard queries were smaller..They were all different. It's going to take a while to digest what this means. For preliminary purposes, we think it means that you will need to expand your monitoring of inbound links to include other engines besides AltaVista.

We've added a copy of the interview with John Sumserto our local files for your convenience.

New and Changed Sites

(JULY 23, 1996): This week, we've added another list of new and changed sites. With 100 new players entering the game, the growth rate is holding firm at about 3% weekly.

Legal Monthly

(JULY 22, 1996): We always enjoy the monthly Computer Law Observer, an email newsletter published by William S. Galkin. This month's issue is a tutorial on domain names and copyright issues. To subscribe, send a request to:

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