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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Week Ending May 04, 1996
May 4, 1996
We use a simple technique to monitor growth in the number of jobs on the Net. The object is to provide a simple useful metric rather than an ongoing comprehensive analysis. With that small discalimer in mind, an amazing thing happened in the past week or so. After months of hovering in the 600,000 to 750,000 range, the number of listed opportunities online surpassed the 1 million mark this morning.

Part of the significant change is an increase in the sophistication of indexing and search services. In general, they are increasingly comprehensive, though results vary heavily from source to source. The hiring season has begun in earnest which accounts for the remainder of the growth. The web, with all of the past year's media hype, has become a useful recruiting tool. We're going mainstream faster than anyone imagined.

May 3, 1996
Job Analysis is a significant part of making a fit between a candidate and a position. These links should help you with the process:

  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • O-NET: The Occupational Information Network (Planned replacement for the DOT)
  • A job analysis of entry-level accountants conducted for the Institute of Management Accountants

    May 2, 1996
    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a solid example of the constant evolution required to be effective on the web. With ever expanding services and a constant eye on design effectiveness, SHRM provides a model for website management and a valuable stream of material for recruiters.

    We particularly enjoyed HR News Online a well organized daily news service. SHRM has also launched a job advertising section that includes a weekly mailing list.

    Jobseekers Aren't Net Savvy......Yet is a sample of the archive of short pieces in the SHRM library. The article says that 19% of job seekers use the internet as a job hunting tool. For some reason, the author thinks this a meager showing. We, on the other hand, are in awe. Since Internet access is conservatively estimated at around 3% to 5% of the population, it looks like many people are getting their introduction to the net through the job hunt process. If 19% of job hunters use the net to find work this year, we imagine it will grow to 30% by 1997. Recruiters who are online now are gaining a great competitive advantage.

    SHRM is a delightful resource with a clear focus on its customers. You really ought to take a look.

    May 1, 1996
    Wow!!! The Adia Website wins our most improved recruiting website award. From a web presence that was a ho-hum, middle of the pack approach, Adia has transformed itself into a benchmark.

    Although it is accomplished with subtlety, a browser will have no question about Adia's target audience. They aren't trying to find resumes or fill jobs, they're actively trying to make their clients (and potential clients) successful. They do this by delivering very solid and useful content of interest to the HR professionals who compose their client base. We think that this is incredibly smart.

    The outstanding arsenal of material includes:

  • An Article on Effective Recruitment and Selection
  • A solid set of resources on HR Issues
  • Adia Updates, a quarterly newsletter with very informative nuggets
  • A well groomed What's New section that is the page you should bookmark
  • And, a mailing list for HR Professionals

    The last item (the mailing list is a significant demonstration of Adia's commitment to their customers.

    A couple of minor quibbles:

  • The relationship between the "people" and the sections, while probably the result of very creative brainstorming, is too subtle for the Web. We're used to the medium and it took 30 minutes before we understood that the people somehow represented the sections. (Also, the management is male and the professionals are female.)
  • The jobs section lists all Adia Offices (as if there were a large database behind the website) but they all point to the same meager list of opportunities. This is a reasonable tactic if the goal is to discourage job seekers from using the site.

    Minor quibbles aside, Adia appears to be setting the standards for large organization recruiting sites. Their focus on their customers is truly commendable. We assume that they'll be either improving or deleting their jobs interface. BRAVO.

    April 30, 1996
    Lame Registration Statement Award.

    Requiring registration from your visitors has very distinct pros and cons. While you can get a clear definition of your audience, the downside is significantly decreased "click rates".

    From the folks at the misnamed One-Stop Work Web comes the following explanation for their required registration process:

    Why Do I Need To Register for Work-Web Services?
    First and foremost, Work-Web is a FREE service to Job Seekers looking for work and Businesses looking for employees. FREE...period. The registration process is not a means to build a "Names List" of any kind for the purpose of sending you junk mail advertisements or for sending you anything at all for that matter. The registration process protects you ... we hope you won't find it a hindrance. Please let us hear what you think about this process, and Work-Web in general.

    Protects the user? How and why?. One-Stop Work Web is an interesting project pulled together by the unusually grandiose Columbus, Ohio Private Industry Council. Their goal (in spite of their name) is to provide regional job information. Unfortunately, the site is full of tortured logic, like the above example. The best way to drive users away is by using suspicious sounding and incomplete logic to explain your site. When in doubt, use a copy-writer.

    April 29, 1996
    We were completely turned off by the name. Hey, they're in Indiana and we're in California, we thought. All things being equal, you'd expect that we'd talk like that and they'd be more commonsense in their approach. We still don't know what it means, but point your resume researcher towards The Regional Re-Careerment Center. In spite of the name it's a solid resource of resumes, nicely categorized.

    April 28, 1996
    While we reviewed Execunet in the Electronic Recruiting Index, they're worth mentioning again. The service wraps a networking service around job tips and articles. A cooperative venture among executives and professionals, like this one, is liable to make significant headway in the Net market.

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