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John Sumser
CEO, Internet Business Network

For the past decade, John Sumser has begun each workday by writing at least one article for his company's web-based newsletters. One of the first 50 websites, interbiznet.com pioneered the use of the web as a tool for communicating the issues surrounding Human Capital in the 21st Century. Tirelessly seeking to improve the emerging online industry Sumser does rigorous strategic analysis of players, events and occurrences.

Widely known as the leading analyst of the industry, he regularly consults with the key players on both the vendor and customer sides of the market. With an audience of 40,000 daily readers, Sumser's influence can be seen in many aspects of the contemporary Human Capital Market.

Sumser's career path is anything but traditional. First chronicled in "Who's Who" at 29 for his work as an Electronics Executive, he left the corporate world to run a struggling non-profit and moved his family from the East Coast to the West.

He has managed teams from 5 to 10,000 in settings ranging from Large Corporations to small entrepreneurial startups. From the development of an Automotive Manufacturing Plant in the Middle East to the Negotiation of a $10 Billion dollar project for NATO; from magazine design and development to non profit fundraising; from intercultural technology transfer to startup incubation; Sumser has had his hands in the management of every conceivable size and shape of operation.

A perennial student, Sumser's underlying focus has always been the fit and function of people at work. He has various credentials and degrees in philosophy, organizational development, business administration, engineering, quality management, software development and psychology. Dissatisfied with the product of traditional American education, he has relentlessly pursued his studies over the past 30 years.

Sumser left interbiznet to start another start-up - the Recruiting Roadshow.

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