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Archives: Week Ending August 10, 1996

Second Commandment:
Know Thy Competition

(AUGUST 09, 1996): Obviously, the first commandment is: Know Thy Customers. The second commandment is harder to do in cyberspace. We recently ran across Getting Past Go, a career advice site targeted at recent college graduates. Developed by Monumental Insurance, the site offers guidance and links as an opening for a health insurance sales pitch. Interestingly, some of Getting Past Go's best reviews overlook it's relationship with its parent.

So, is Monumental Insurance a competitor, a potential ally or a no-account nuisance in the marketplace? The answer depends on your vision of the marketplace. If you are courting college graduates, we'd suggest that they'd make a great partner or advertiser. If you're building traffic based on career advice, they're a competitor. If your using your website as a launch point for research, they may be neither.

The point is that as the employment market differentiates, the opportunities to redefine the playing field abound.

Recruiting Road Warriors

(AUGUST 08, 1996):Fully integrating the web into your work means increased access to a number of useful services. is an outstanding single point of information for those of us who spend a large part of our time on the road. From Frequent Flyer account status to online reservations, the service caters to Road Warriors. Included in their opfferings is a monthly "magazine" about Executive Travel. This month's articles include:

TV as a Cross Marketing Tool
(AUGUST 07, 1996): Here in Northern California, you can't turn on a television, listen to the radio or open a newspaper without encountering employment advertising that features a Web Address. It seems like everyone is stretching out to take their share of the Recruiter's revenue. Often, we're asked whether or not there is a role for "boutique" recruiters on the Web, given the high volume of cash coming in from other sources.

We are unabashedly optimistic about the prospects for small shops using the web. We don't think that you can simply throw a website together and expect results. Rather, we suggest that a small shop treat a website exactly like opening a branch office. The expenses are similar and the work required for success is identical.

The doomsayers predict a dramatic, near term consolidation of the web marketplace. We expect a thousand more flowers to bloom.

Monster Board Acquires All-Star

(AUGUST 06, 1996): In the "Who's News" category: Mike Rowe, the marketing manager for ESpan has joined the team at the Monster Board. Mike, as you may know, is responsible for a number of the great innovations in online recruiting over the past year. The Monster Board's gain is ESpan's loss.

Introducing Our New Look

(AUGUST 05, 1996): We've been publishing (more or less) regularly since November 1, 1995 and figured it was time for a revamp. Coinciding as it does with the publication of our Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide, we figured it's about time to solicit your feedback. How do you like the new look? Are we delivering the right information? How could we improve?

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

  • Week Ending August 10 1996 Including:
    • Know Thy Competition
    • Life as a Road Warrior
    • TV as a Cross Promotion Tool
    • Monster Board Snags All-Star
    • Recruiter's Web Survival Guide
    • New Look
  • Two Weeks Ending August 03 1996 Including:
    • Eudora 3.0
    • Net News Daily
    • RON and ESpan
    • Manpower
    • New Sites
    • 8 Corners of ECommerce
    • Free Email
    • Much Much More
  • July 20 1996 Including:
    • HR Mailing Lists
    • Net-Temps Gets It
    • Career
    • Web Grrrrls
    • Adams Job Bank
    • Site Marketing
  • July 13 1996 Including:
    • Franchising
    • Jobsite
    • NTSA
    • More Government Resources
    • Staffing Industry Report
    • Recruiter's Survival Guide
  • July 06 1996 Including:
    • Informant
    • Knowing Your Audience
    • Microsoft Viruses and Tools
    • Other Ways To Skin a Cat
    • New And Changed Listings
    • Standardizing Job Listings with Tags
  • June 22 1996 Including:
    • What Makes a Perfect Recruiting Site
    • Picking Alliance Partners
    • Background Check Resources
    • Career Path
    • Advertising Law
    • Usability Design
  • June 15 1996 Including:
    • Options For Recruiters
    • The Spiders Are Coming
    • More About Spiders
    • Quantifying Claims For Databases
    • Austin Knight's Recruiting Resources
    • Technology Evolution
  • June 08 1996 Including:
    • Privacy and Recruiting
    • To Fish, Go Where the Fish Are
    • Equity Compensation
    • WesTech Career Expo
    • Internet Link Exchange
    • HR News Outlets
  • June 01 1996 Including:
    • Extreme Resume Drop
    • WebWeek: Electronic Recruiting
    • Espan: Technical Engine
    • The FTC is Coming
    • Bulk Resume Submittal
    • New Sites (lots)
  • May 25 1996 Including:
    • Will The Web Eat Your Job
    • Salary Surveys
    • The Value of Market Research
    • Seeing It From All Sides
    • Give It Away To Keep It
    • Getting Started
  • May 18 1996 Including:
    • Television Stations Enter the Recruiting Marketplace
    • Do You Know Who Your Competition Is
    • The Dangers of Mediocrity
    • Net-Temps
    • HotWired: Dream Jobs
    • A Nearly Perfect Recruiting Site From Australia
  • May 11 1996
    • Tropical Jim's Web Re-Makers
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Roverbot
    • Tripod Work Attitudes Survey
    • Job Hunter's Tools List
    • Entertainment Recruiting Network
    • 79 New Sites
  • May 04 1996
    • ExecuNet
    • The Regional Re-Careerment Center
    • Lame Registration Statement Award
    • Adia Sets The Standard for Recruiting Firms
    • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
    • Position Analysis Resources
    • 1,000,000 Job Postings Milestone
  • Apr 27 1996
    • 29 New Sites
    • Tech Hunter
    • Client Partnership
    • The Red Guide To Temp Agencies
    • Locking In Clients
    • IPA
  • Apr 20 1996
    • The Importance of Links
    • Shawn's Internet Resume Center
    • Career Web's Site Map
    • Net Temps
    • Knowing Your Competition
    • Tripod
    • Contact Information Search Tools
  • Through Apr 15 1996
    • Searching for people
    • Expanded jump-list
    • Transcending Trends
    • Tough Q Dept.
    • Resume Canada
    • Matching Services
    • Working a Niche
    • Sites to Monitor
    • Informus background checks
    • Bay Area Jobs
    • Staying Abreast
    • Internet University Career Site
    • One Source Group
    • HTML Resumes
    • ResumeNet
    • Conferencing on the Web
    • Internet's Help Desk
    • Shopsite for startups
    • "Hot Site" in USA Today
    • Cobwebs
    • Job-Link
    • Tech-Lease
    • JobWeb's redesign
    • Top 25 Recruiters
    • Free site evaluation
    • Resume Robot
    • Marketing Classifieds
  • Through Mar 15 1996
    • US Web
    • Career Crafting
    • Student Center
    • Today's Laugh
    • Web Consolidation
    • Gender Bias
    • Content, Content, Content
    • Targeted Marketing
    • Kudos
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    • BigBook
    • IBN
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    • Sunday Paper (online)
    • Hire Resources Group
    • Recruiters' Sites
    • Jobs of the Future Survey
    • Legal
    • Fashion Exchange
    • Outsourcing Excellence
    • Unemployed Disc Jockeys
    • Technology Locator Corp
    • Newcomers
    • PEOs on the Web
    • Staffing Industry Report
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    • NATSS
    • Web Caveats
  • Through Feb 15 1996
    • NTSA Now Up
    • Free Agent
    • RecruitAd
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    • WebArranger
    • Jobsight
    • Tripod
    • Censorship
    • Shared Resources
    • New and Changed Recruiting Sites
    • What's in a Name
    • Westechís Career Expo
    • E-Span's facelift
    • Recruit Media's design
    • Franchise Insights
    • New and Changed This Week
    • Recruiting in Cyberspace
    • The Web as a Tool
    • On-Line Career Center
    • Browser Technology Decisions
    • Kelly Services, Online
    • New and Changed For The Week
    • The Haystack Group
    • Internet Sleuth
    • Alliances
    • Higher Standards
    • The Project 2000 Resource
    • Past Week's Changes
  • Through Jan 15 1996
    • Web Worries
    • CiberCentro
    • Yahoo! Employment: Exploding
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    • DICE
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    • Customer Intimacy
    • The True Cost of a Website
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    • Pioneer Riley
    • The Shakeout and the Future
    • Jobs!
    • CPU
    • Splaine and Associates
    • Usernomics
    • Tripod's Work 2
  • Through Dec 15 1996
    • Amazing Growth
    • Adams Job Bank On Line
    • Staffing Industry Report
    • Webgirrls Joborama
    • Airline Employment Assistance
    • Hot Dirs and Promophobia
    • The Red Guide
    • Truck Driver's Job Directory
    • The National Job Bank
    • Execunet
    • Cool Works
    • DSO
  • Through Nov 15 1995
    • The Catapult
    • H.E.A.R.T.
    • Industry-moves
    • HEC's Tip of the Week
    • America's Employers
    • The Missing Ingredient
    • I.P.A.
    • Career Path
    • WebWeek

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