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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Two Weeks Ending July 06, 1996
July 5, 1996
Industry Consolidation

Eventually, there will be a number of sites that try to consolidate job listings and responses from the Web as a whole. This morning, we were wondering what is required. Probably, we thought, a combination of a search agent and a series of standard "markup tags".

In other, non-employment areas, the move to standardize product and service accessibility is taking shape as industry wide "HTML Extensions". In other words, much of an industry has to agree to use a standard set of industry-specific tagging schemes.

Identify has developed a complex and interesting scheme for standardizing product information in Web Pages. A similar, search engine oriented, approach would make a solid contribution to the overall effectiveness of the Electronic Employment industry.

July 4, 1996
Everyone Needs an Informant

Take a look at Informant (your personal search agent on the Internet). The service is a product of the Dartmouth labs and performs some functions similar to URL Minder. The Informant allows you to input 3 sets of keywords that you like to search for, and 5 favorite URLs. Then, the service checks, at an interval that you specify, and notifies you of changes by email. It's available for licensing and makes a great addition to site features. You can also use it to stay abreast of your competitors.

July 3, 1996
Knowing Your Audience

For one eason or another, we're in the Washington, DC area for a couple of weeks. The other evening during rush hour, we were sitting in the mess that is a daily grind for most local residents. The commercial came on the car radio and went something like:

Instead of sitting in traffic this evening, Gail stayed in the office to look for a new job on the web using CareerMeister at www.careermeister.com.

Nice way to reach the part time web users....very nice.

July 2, 1996
Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

We've added a fairly heavy travel schedule to our summer plans so the "daily" might get a bit more erratic. Rest assured that we'll keep the material coming.

July 1, 1996
Javascript Tips

We very highly reccommend theJavascript Tip of the Week page. If you're going to move forward from this point, your site will have to be increasingly user friendly. The current tip describes the Javascript required to tell which browser a visitor is using and then tailor the content accordingly. Bookmark it.

June 30, 1996
Document Viruses

Our break was severely interrupted by an attack of the Microsoft Word Document Virus. Assuming that you use Microsoft Word, download and install the virus protection patch (IBM or Mac). The tool lets you scan your hard drive for the virus but works so slowly that we eventually turned it off. The IBM machines in our office were easily protected with Mcafee (a shareware version is a part of Shareware.com's IBM Survival Kit). The Mac machines have been more problematic. We have found no decent anti-viral protection that watches incoming Mac Files for the Word Virus. The Microsoft provided scanner read about 300 documents in 90 minutes. To scan our drives completely would have taken days. And, the Microsoft tools are dated in early May. We're reasonably sure that some of the variations of the virus we experienced were brand new and not covered by the Microsoft tools. Sheesh.

The reason for all of this description? We caught the virus through email attachments. Essentially, the virus is a macro that saves a copy of the document's text in an invisible form. So your documents double in size when you save them. We noticed it as a 3 page word document that was over 2.5 Megabytes. It destroyed our email accounts and the accounts of some of our clients and partners (Eudora accounts sort of choke on large attachments). Needless to say, our clients and partners all had the great pleasure of learning about viral protection at the expense of work. It'd be fairly easy to let the virus grow a number of your files and rob you of all your hard disk space. Yuck.

Not all is bleak by any stretch on the Microsoft front. We continue to be impressed with Internet Assistant for Word (IBM or Mac versions) and its great online tutorial. Rather than attaching a document to your notes, why not save it as a web page, using Internet Assistant for Word and mail the URL?

June 26-29, 1996
We're taking a three day break to celebrate one solid year of publishing. We'll be back on the 30th.

June 25, 1996
Ways to Skin a Cat
HotJobs (The Online Technology Employment Center) offers several hundred joblistings for high-tech companies. Their innovation? The candidate's resume is handled on a per-submission basis. Job hunters "join" the service and choose, based on search parameters, the listings to which they submit their stored resume. So, matching becomes a function of candidate choice.

From their lterature:

  • Corporate Membership. Member Companies select a password that allows them to enter, delete, or edit job listings online using our easy web interface. Updates are instantaneous! Member Companies can also have a link to their own home page, or have the Hotjobs design team create one to convey their corporate identity.
  • Member Companies are given full control of the content they post and can receive e-mail directly from their job listings. Information on the number of hits that ads are receiving give direct and concise feedback on the effectiveness of the ads. Priority support via e-mail or phone is also available.
  • Quick Search provides a speedy way to find jobs by skill set, industry, company, salary range or location. Applicants can e-mail their resumes directly from a search result page. There is no easier way to get a fast response to your job listing.
  • Resume Workshop allows applicants to enter an industry-standard, online resume which can later be e-mailed to prospective employers with one easy step. Because resumes constantly change, we've included an online editing feature so applicants can update their resumes at any time by entering in their username and password.
  • Hyperlinks to your company's website are available from the job description page via your corporate logo. By clicking on the logo, applicants can link directly to your site and find more in-depth information about your company.
  • Corporate Advertising is a powerful way to reach potential employees. You can display a rotating banner on the Employment Center's home page or at the bottom of each job's long description page.
Additional service information is available by downloading an Adobe Acrobat Document.

Our general impression of the service is a shrug. They'll have to get meaningful numbers of job istings before they attract much attention or traffic. With so few inbound links, we have to imagine that their traffic is scant. They must have an amazing sales force.

June 24, 1996
New and Changed Sites
We've added 112 New and Significantly changed sites to our recruiting listings. This week, the growth in new recruiting sites slipped below 3%.

June 23, 1996
More About The Competition
Take a look at the Web Engineer's Toolbox, a modest yet comprehensive destination for technical professionals involved in Website Design and Construction. The latest feature on Web Engineer's Toolbox is a Web Career Center for HTML authors and webmasters. Currently, job listings are free. It's both a great resource for recruiting web savvy professionals and a classic example of the evolution of the online employment marketplace towards professional alliances.

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