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New Services and Markets For Retained Executive Search

(May 6, 2010)
Young Search Partners Carves Out New Services and Markets For Retained Executive Search

Although many companies put recruitment initiatives on hold during the past few years, the "War for Talent" never really went away, according to executive search expert Katherine Young, Managing Partner and President of Young Search Partners, LLC.

"There is no question that the caliber of talent in transition today has dramatically improved, but clients are also seeking the best and the brightest 'passive talent,'"

"Not only is the talent war still with us, but it's escalating. Organizations have slashed their internal recruitment capabilities while the need for high caliber talent still remains a critical necessity for organizations, especially for those that are strategic about talent management issues," Young says.

"There is no question that the caliber of talent in transition today has dramatically improved, but clients are also seeking the best and the brightest 'passive talent,'" she continues. "They are candidates who are engaged in their current jobs but are still ambitious about managing their careers and receptive to options we may suggest. These are the perfect opportunity and market conditions for senior leadership in organizations to thoroughly assess their talent needs and then partner with an executive search firm to find the best of the best."

Young calls this process "top grading" - meaning that organizations conduct full scale talent assessment initiatives to identify marginal as well as high performers and then upgrade their talent to replace low and marginal performers. "Often this means retaining our firm to conduct executive searches that are national in scope, because the best talent may not be in their 'backyard.' This is a recruitment process most organizations simply don't have the time and resources to handle," she says.

In the past, executive search initiatives of this type were reserved for senior-level positions. Young Search Partners has established a new niche, adding mid-level positions to the retained executive search model and customizing billing to be more flexible and accountable. Young adds that her clients ultimately want to see results, and rely on her firm for recruitment of quality talent on a shorter time line. "This is a 'pay for performance' model that ensures results."

It's not surprising that Young developed this model. After spending more than 20 years in the talent management and recruitment sectors, many of which were with the world's largest global search firms, she decided to follow her entrepreneurial instincts to establish a boutique executive search firm that combined the quality of retained executive search with a more customized and flexible search model that is unique in the world of retained executive search.

"I consider it the 'perfect storm.' It was an ideal opportunity to leverage my years of experience with the irresistible draw of entrepreneurism," she says. "With the encouragement of my clients, I now know more than ever that it is all about relationships and the power of your network. My clients trust me to partner with them to find stellar talent. They know I'm passionate about what I do and will work very hard to exceed their expectations."

Prior to founding Young Search Partners, Young was Director of the Retained Search division for Hudson Highland Group and a principal with Korn Ferry International, working across industry and functional roles. She also served as Managing Director with Right Management Consultants and Senior Vice President with Lee Hecht Harrison, consulting with CEOs about retention and performance coaching initiatives. A native of Connecticut and graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, she has lived in the Tampa Bay area for most of her 24 years in Florida and has served on several boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Workforce Development Council of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. She is a 2005 graduate of Leadership Tampa.

About Young Search Partners, LLC
Based on the core principles of experience, integrity and results, Young Search Partners offers customized retained executive recruitment solutions designed to ensure the best hire. Working in partnership with corporate clients, the firm identifies and presents senior and mid-level executives across industry sectors and functional roles, anticipating and meeting client needs for flexibility, responsiveness and results.

Colleen Gildea

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