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Choosing A JAD
(May 24, 2001) We always breathe a deep sigh of relief at the end of a big research project. After seven years of looking closely at the Human Capital Management Industry, we're astonished by the pace of evolution and the depth of new ideas. Now, along with the myriad issues of the Electronic Recruiting Index, we've completed "Choosing a Job Advertising Distribution Company: a Guide and Industry Analysis".

You can easily imagine that boilerplate industry analysis is not our style. That function, the top level view for investors only, is being performed somewhat adequately by Baird these days. We (you guessed it) often find the big company view of the marketplace to be a little (giggle) rigid and a little late.

Half of the fun in our projects comes from reinventing the form. Our annual reports serve as road maps as often as they flesh out industry performance details. We're certain that you just can't make good decisions about subcontractors without a clear vision of the future.

If you do online recruiting, you're going to need a Job Advertising Distribution partner. We're calling them JADs. Like early stage advertising companies, they all have a good deal of growing to do. Some companies easily place themselves in the class. Others are surprised to discover that their basic business arena has gotten so crowded.

Today, there are 24 companies competing for your attention in this area (they ship job advertisements to various sites around the web).

In the group of 24, there are small independent companies, large established players, technical infrastructure firms, offshoots of big agencies and a couple of oddballs. As a group, they'll do about $120M in sales this year and are growing the category rapidly.

We look deeply at their alliances, management, staffing, destinations and marketing while providing a framework for understanding how they will help you as they grow. A detailed database (particularly useful for job board owners who are trying to build alliances in the area, investors looking for a depth analysis and customers who are comparison shopping) shows key contacts, destinations, alliances, marketing data and our critiques. The database is intended to provide enough information so that the reader can draw his or her own conclusions!

We think it's a astonishing tool for predicting winners, losers and good partners for the future. While we can't certify the long term viability of one player over another, we have provided detailed metrics that we believe show indications of who will and won't survive. The JADS are, without a doubt, the next wave of important partner in long term recruiting campaigns. The choice of which vendor to use is easiliy as importat as which applicant tracking system or which enterprise softeare provider. Over the next several years, these comapnies will become the tactics manufacturers for the industry.

The report is substantial and available now. Order yours today.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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