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Search Technique
(May 21, 2001)The web is a very interesting pile of cross-referenced data. A hyperlink connects one pile of data to another. One way of thinking about all of the data on the web is to consider the relationships between linked data.

The major search engines (AltaVista, Google, HotBot, Lycos etc.) all have a mechanism for searching and understanding the way that information is cross linked. The patterns involve a large dose of common sense but are fairly interesting in the details. To try this process, visit the Altavista search engine and enter the following:


The search results will show you many of the 7,000 links around the web that point to our company website. This simple procedure is at the root of the "Advanced Internet Recruiting" training programs offered by companies around the net. It is often called "site flipping".

In the links to a company website, one can find links to competitors and the resumes of past employees.

Another widely promoted technique, sometimes called "x-raying a website" utilizes commercial spiders to map the directory and file structure of a website. This often makes personnel directories and phone lists easy to spot. A useful tool for this function is Flash Site which will log and categorize all elements of a large corporate website.

While the underlying concepts may be new to novice web users, these are really straightforward applications of the technology that makes the web what it is. On an important level, understanding how to use these tools is essential for a complete understanding of what is possible in web commerce. That said, rather than "Advanced Techniques", these tools and concepts are really simple introductions to the power of the new medium.

By aggressively suggesting that modest web competence is somehow "advanced", a number of companies have made a solid living teaching the basics to novices. The marketing spin makes learning fundamentals all the more sexy.

Unfortunately, as the number of recruiters who have been trained in these principles mushrooms (we estimate that 25,000 have received formal training while an additional 25,000 have received in house training) the effectiveness of the techniques declines rapidly. With 50,000 trained researchers scavenging the web for resumes on free databases and looking at the details of corporate websites, the ability to find that "just right candidate" is deteriorating quickly.

Like all internet tools, these techniques decline in effectiveness in direct proportion to the number of users.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.


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