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interbiznet Reports: Choosing A Job Distribution Partner
(May 07, 2001) We have documented the explosion of the Job Board Industry in our annual Reports (the Electronic Recruiting Index series) over the past seven years. From 5 operating services in 1994 to 40,000 plus online employment advertising outlets in today's market, the industry has proven to be a vibrant and explosive component of the Internet economy. Today, the Recruiter's problem has shifted from whether to use the Internet to which services to use.

With this in mind, interbiznet presents the first in a series of targeted reports, Choosing A Job Distribution Partner. This indepth analysis looks at the 24 visible competitors in the Job Advertising Distribution (JAD) market. By definition, a JAD company takes job posting data from a customer and distributes it to a variety of web based media outlets. These services reduce the administrative burden (doing the same thing multiple times) imposed by the exploding Electronic Recruiting Marketplace. While they approach the problem from a variety of vantage points, the end result is similar. A customers' jobs are posted in a variety of settings resulting in a higher flow of resumes per job advertisement.

Cross-posting, the delivery of a single job posting to a variety of destinations, is as old as the industry itself. Net-Temps, one of the companies reviewed in this volume, has been using the technique successfully since its inception in 1995. RecruitUSA, another company as old as the industry, has been building a customer base with this technique throughout its existence. CareerCast, a small California firm, has added an interesting wrinkle to the equation. Their spiders (using a technique pioneered by Junglee in the mid 1990s) will acquire jobs from a corporate website and display them throughout their network.

It is clear that, in today's complex Electronic Recruiting marketplace, any company using the Internet for Job Posting needs the partnership of one of these services. Although the problem is not as complex as figuring out which of 40,000 destinations to use, there are 24 companies competing for attention from a variety of audiences. Some are strong institutions with history and momentum; some are Mom and Pop shops with an opportunistic entrepreneur at the helm; some are wrongheaded technical juggernauts; and, some are reliable vendors.

Given the past year's economic uncertainty, and the broadly perceived failure of "dot com" companies; we took a critical look at the staffing composition, market effectiveness and alliance structures of each of these companies. While our analysis is not as accurate as if the companies were publicly held, we believe that our view assesses the relative financial health and well being of each competitor.

Each of the different audiences is an investor of sorts. Recent spectacular failures by companies like iSearch and Skillset have left HR customers nervous about doing business with smaller concerns. This creates an environment in which the greatest risk appears to be the financial viability of the vendor. In these post NASDAQ-crash days, it is reasonable to adopt a business strategy that favors a mediocre player with viability over a stellar technical idea. Thankfully, our analysis shows that the real industry leaders are also proven business concerns.

This report is intended to satisfy the needs of a variety of audiences:
  • Individual Recruiters and Their Departments
  • Investors
  • Alliance Partners
  • Applicant Tracking Systems Vendors
  • Enterprise Software Companies
  • Subcontractors - Vendors (Job Boards and Suppliers)
  • Staffing Firms
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Consultants (who recommend the use of such tools)

Purchase your copy today.
(Order online or call 415.377.2255 to order your copy.)

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.


Look who's gone local!

There is an established job board making new waves in the online recruiting industry. CareerWeb.com, a subsidiary of Trader Publishing Company, is poised for strong growth. Careerweb.com is the online companion to The Employment Guide, a localized print publication with a weekly circulation of 3 million papers. Using the Employment Guide as advertising, Careerweb.com has grown to a sizable site with over 100,000 job searches per day. So why use CareerWeb.com instead of Monster or Hotjobs?

CareerWeb.com is building a network of localized sites. Recruiters can post jobs locally. Similarly, job seekers will find only local jobs. The local site idea is appealing to job seekers who lack the time to search a monstrous job database, and who are not willing to relocate for a "hot" job. Jobseekers like that search results are more specific to their needs.

Check out the first three of these local sites at: OrlandoCareerWeb.com, RaleighCareerWeb.com, and ChicagoCareerWeb.com.

Your Lifeline to Medical Careers
HealthCareerWeb.com is CareerWeb.com's first industry-specific site. It is devoted to the booming Healthcare job market. If you are a recruiter for the healthcare industry, this site is an indispensable tool.

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Materials written
by John Sumser
© TwoColorHat.
All Rights Reserved.

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