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(May 23, 2001) In the 21st Century, Marketing is a personal responsibility. This is the subtle message behind Fast Company magazine's emphasis on "the Brand Named You". It is the ultimate meaning of the catchphrase "1 to 1 Marketing". Since the web effectively makes most users into publishers, this Marketing responsibility is deep and getting deeper.

As Recruiting evolves into an active Marketing discipline, the question of how to retrain the traditional (and newcomer) professional emerges quickly. If it is not on the corporate agenda before the decision to use a JIB service, it follows almost immediately. Installing a JIB product is a great way to quickly determine the effectiveness of a company (or division) brand as an employment attractor. Often, the JIB emphasizes the urgency for developing an Employment Branding strategy.

Although Marketing and Human Resources are terms that are not often used in the same sentence, the future of HR is all about the application of real Marketing discipline. From supply management to the intimate branding of relationships with potential employees, Marketing has more to offer HR Managers and professionals than traditional HR theory (which assumes that there is abundance in the labor supply). Marketing, as a discipline, is the art of managing supply and demand. HR historically is devoted to simple administrative data processing and motivation. The labor shortage defines the problem, the web provides a communications platform and Marketing provides the real techniques and theoretical underpinnings.

Confronted with the fact that the Employment component of the website is not producing an adequate candidate flow, the Recruiting Manager faces the challenge of Website Traffic Development. Since few of the people who work for vendors or represent them in the sales process have any relevant experience in traffic development, the Recruiter is often left to fend for him or herself.

The techniques of Website Traffic Development (covered thoroughly in our 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index) range from standard Public Relations tools (the press release and the publicity stunt), Web Page submission to search engines, Job Description design and copywriting, key word placement, link development, and other typical website Marketing initiatives. As HR Departments develop competence in these tools, an interesting perception emerges: the job of Employment Marketing is distinct enough from other Marketing challenges to require specific local expertise.

As a direct result, HR Departments are increasingly likely to have a stable of marketing professionals within the function. As of the end of 2000, the notion is limited to fast growth startup companies. By 2005, the idea that an HR Department must have its own Marketing function will be conventional wisdom.

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