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Office Zombies

(October 27, 2010) Top 13 Unlucky Signs to Help You Find out if Your Employees are Zombies

Zombies can be roaming in your office undetected; here are 13 points to look out for to keep your office a quarantine zone.

Global recruitment marketing agency CKR Interactive has compiled a list of 13 key signs to check if your employees are zombies. Studies have shown that this list is 97.3% accurate and if used properly with wit, common sense and CKR Interactive's full line of recruitment solutions, zombie-employees can be avoided.

To run a zombie-free office, here are the 13 signs you should watch out for:
    1. When walking by their desk, they have a blank glazed stare into the vast emptiness called a computer screen.

    2. When instructing him/her of the day's work all you get are nods and an empty stare.

    3. They leave a Tupperware container in the fridge filled with strange grey meat.

    4. Towards the end of the week the IT guy smells slightly worse than normal.

    5. Try firing them, I promise you they will bite.

    6. There are frequent, impromptu Thriller reenactments around the office.

    7. They have an odd hatred of plants.

    8. They have Christine O'Donnell bumper stickers on their cars. (Oops, that's a witch not a zombie)

    9. Everyone is terrified of the new girl, Alice, and her combat boots.

    10. When appointed a new assignment, they don't stop moaning and groaning.

    11. The only employee that is productive is Shaun from the sales department.

    12. Favorite musicians are Rob Zombie, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain.

    13. Finally, when a zombie employee associates with a non-zombie employee, symptoms spread and intensify.
CKR Interactive recently implemented this list in their own office. Marketing Coordinator Arthur Jun explained, "I will definitely be fully prepared if there is an upcoming office apocalypse ... Mmm, I suddenly have a strange craving for brains, ugh I mean, meatloaf."

Skye Callan, the Interactive Marketing Director at CKR Interactive interrupts, "Arthur has been through a lot of stress in the past week. His views do not reflect those of CKR Interactive and our marketing department and we will be hiring a new Marketing Coordinator immediately."

Mitch Kocen, Account Coordinator at CKR Interactive comments, "It is definitely a good idea for Skye to hire a new Marketing Coordinator, we wouldn't want any zombies in the office. Way to utilize her delicious, delicious, brain…"

CKR Interactive wants to wish you a happy Halloween and for all your grueling recruitment efforts, they are available to help. To learn more about CKR Interactive's recruitment products, visit: or contact:
Skye Callan, Interactive Marketing Director, CKR Interactive - (408) 517-1400

About CKR Interactive
Founded in 2001, CKR Interactive is a global recruitment marketing agency delivering comprehensive services to today's employers. Focusing on interactive solutions, the firm's areas of expertise also include research and planning, creative development and marketing communications. With offices throughout California, Arizona, Texas, New York and Florida, and OneAgent partner agencies in the United Kingdom, Australia, China and India, the award-winning firm's growing list of clients represents a range of industries, from healthcare/biopharm and high tech to government and hospitality/food service.

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