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StepStone Solutions Announces Intro to Version 10 of MrTedTalentLink

(September 29, 2010) StepStone Solutions, a global leader in Total Talent Management solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of version 10 of MrTedTalentLink, the latest addition to the company's enterprise Talent Acquisition capability. Version 10 adds features and enhancements that include new configuration management capabilities, additions to MrTedTalentLink's TalentHub connectivity infrastructure, and support for new services such as paper resume processing. These new capabilities are designed to further extend StepStone Solution's leadership in global, enterprise level talent acquisition, and particularly in the ability of users to rapidly configure and integrate the system to their specific business needs and technology infrastructure.

"MrTedTalentLink is a true SaaS offering with a single code base, no customizations, and a multi-tenant architecture," says Madeline Laurano, principal analyst at Bersin & Associates. "MrTedTalentLink's latest release fully embraces cloud computing technology and will enable the company to rapidly enhance its partnerships via its open integration capabilities."

MrTedTalentLink is an on-demand global talent acquisition solution that helps global organizations find and acquire local talent on a worldwide scale. MrTedTalentLink, a fully SaaS-based offering, is recognized for a high level of innovation and flexibility in its architecture, which allows it to be rapidly configured to support individual user requirements and processes within the context of a standardized, SaaS-based corporate environment. Version 10 brings the benefits of a web 2.0 cloud computing enabled solution, with an engaging new user experience and a world of application modules (Apps) that can be added to each user's personalized workspace.

"MrTedTalentLink v10 underlines our commitment to support, develop and extend this superb product, leveraging its strong architecture, configurability, personalization and open interfaces to allow our customers to rapidly build the talent acquisition solutions they need for a changing world " said StepStone Solutions' CEO, Matthew Parker. "Combined with the global reach, local expertise and worldwide infrastructure of StepStone Solutions, we can now deliver a range of international talent acquisition and management capabilities that few if any vendor can match."

Key new features in MrTedTalentLink v10 include:
  • Solution configuration - True to the configurable-everything policy that drives its highly flexible, user controlled features, MrTedTalentLink v10 moves forward with further enhancement in configuration management capabilities in the area of organization management.

  • Solution connectivity - New additions to MrTedTalentLink's TalentHub, an infrastructure that opens possibilities to build integrations using the growing framework of MrTedTalentLink public APIs, and to activate pre-integrated services or features.

  • New service offerings for paper CV processing, acknowledging the need of many companies to process paper based application in their Talent Acquisition System.
About MrTedTalentLink
MrTedTalentLink is a true, on-demand global talent acquisition solution that helps global organizations find and acquire local talent on a worldwide scale. MrTedTalentLink supports all types of recruitment - external, internal, graduate, redeployment and outplacement, contingent workforce and vendor management. It also supports all types of models, from shared services to outsourced recruitment and hybrid arrangements. MrTedTalentLink is easy to deploy, implement and optimize - a feature-rich solution with extensive multilingual capabilities, stringent data privacy protection and robust compliance functionality without sacrificing usability or the ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems. MrTedTalentLink brings the benefits of cloud computing to the world of talent acquisition with an engaging new user experience and a world of application modules (Apps) that can be added to a personalized workspace. MrTed's flexibility supports the unique working styles of each individual recruiter, making it easy design customized workspaces.

About StepStone Solutions
StepStone Solutions delivers world class technology for finding, recruiting, retaining, managing and developing people. Our global talent acquisition and talent management solutions are available in many languages, with seamless, internet-based access. With the support of our experienced professionals they can be quickly and reliably implemented anywhere in the world, using SaaS or on-premises delivery, to give rapid return on investment.

Over 1,600 organizations in 40 countries rely on StepStone Solutions every day to improve their business performance, build effective talent strategies, and to help their people have more effective, enjoyable and rewarding careers. StepStone Solutions operates in 16 countries and employs around 550 people. StepStone Solutions' global customers include Carlson Wagonlit, Heineken, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Kruger Products, PUMA, and Virgin Atlantic. In August 2010 StepStone Solutions announced an agreement to acquire Talent Acquisition company MrTed.

For more information see: Product information:

Read the StepStone blog at:

Take the Talent Strategy Assessment at:

Try the Business Case Builder:

Read StepStone Solutions research on talent management in 2010:

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