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(April 27, 2007) Jason Davis, as usual, has a great idea. His new pet project, Recruitingblogs.com, is an attempt to demonstrate an alternative to the Recruiting.com model.

If you watch the flow of material through the blogosphere, you'll see a torrent of information. To quote Arbita's CEO, Don Ramer, "You can't memorize a kaleidoscope." In other words, no one can keep up with the flow of information about Recruiting and the recruiting industry.

We're about to see another level of output multiplication. Every meaningful enterprise in the space is going to have a "content contribution" during the next year. Kennedy's revamped Recruiting Trends (just look at their advisory board) which will unleash 35 to 40 well crafted articles per month. Our blogroll is up to 274 Recruiting related blogs. Great new outlets (like Amitai Givertz' Bells and Whistles) are popping up every week. Manaster's fantastic experiments with blogs are bearing mounds of delicious fruit.

It's like being thirsty in the middle of the ocean for most people. The explosion of sources of information leaves a bewildering set of problems for disciplined professionals. They boil down to "what is the best way to spend my time?" Certainly, reading 500 blogs is not going to make you a successful recruiter. The right five, however, might.

Recruitingblogs.com, built on a free tool from Ning (Build your own social network for anything), is the next step in solving the radically fragmented marketplace. The tag line "A Recruiting Blog about Recruiting Blogs" is a misnomer. The site is pure Jason Davis. His songs, his mildly offensive fake Borat Recruiting video. His posts from Recruiting.com. It's a mish-mash of pure unadulterated Jason Davis.

If you trust his choices in content, this is the place to watch that dynamic process unfold.

From here, it looks like the solution to massive data glut involves the development of editors who choose content for audiences. When I spoke with Jason about Recruitngblogs.com, he thought that individuals might create their own views of the blogosphere. If I understood him correctly, he sees Recruitngblogs.com as a model for how individuals might organize their view of information flowing throughout Recruiterdom.

I think it's much more likely that they will follow editors like Jason as they mine content for themselves and others.

Take a good long look at Recruitingblogs.com. For some, it will be a permanent destination. Here's my support of Jason's continued experimentation.

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