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Wall Of Noise

(April 26, 2007) Have you been following the work at itzbig? Hank Stringer and Jim Hammock are at it again. After a decade of work at Hire.com building a system that managed recruiter-candidate interactions, the two industry pioneers have settled in at the aptly named itzbig.

There ought to be a word for people who enjoy pushing the state of the art forward. "Serial entrepreneur" is an attempt to capture the weird personalities of people who enjoy non-physical risk and adventure in the work that they do. Hank and Jim are simply built to experiment in our space.

itzbig is a matching system with two way disclosure. Candidate and recruiter go through a process of defining and refining needs, expectations, qualifications and credentials. At each step, with increasing granularity, the likelihood that there is a match is revealed for both sides of the deal.

This is light years ahead of typical search engine refinement and filtering. Where sourcer initiated searches add refining detail to mine a pile of resumes, the itzbig process mines individual candidates and jobs simultaneously for more relevant disclosures.

For all intents, data is conversing with data. Instead of unstructured data being filtered for key words, the itzbig approach uses dynamic interactions between structured data on both sides of the equation. Participants in the dialog can then tweak their data to massage the fit.

Our industry has a problem. Loose terms like "matching" spill through our information channels like fire on a midwest river (the wall of noise). It is impossible, based on marketing rhetoric, to distinguish one form of matching with another. Most of the so-called matching being provided with resume databases boils down to a sophisticated, one sided keyword search. The itzbig product is different. Really different.

In order to refine and propel thier offering, itzbig is doing a regional rollout. It's my understanding that only a certain range of companies in Texas are eligible for the first wave of service.

That's really smart. By focusing on regional markets first, itzbig takes advantage of the natural boundaries of the recruiting industry. It's the best possible strategy for dealing with the wall of noise. And, it concentrates candidates and employers into single markets.

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