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BoB (Best of The Blogs)

(April 19, 2007)

  • You knew it wasn't going to be good for Joel when he had to elicit his own round of applause upon being announced.
    I'm at that ERExpo in San Diego. I just walked out of Jason Goldberg's Jobster presentation where he brought to the stage, Joel Cheesman for what Joel was hyping as Jobster vs. Cheezhead. (Job Search Marketing)

  • The Evolution of the Workforce
    It seems I make a point of talking about the millennial generation (those emerging into the workforce now), and how there seems to be a perception that they are less motivated than prior generations. It's probably true that they were given broader opportunities than prior generations while growing up. This simply means that they generally had better travel experiences, were open to more cultures, peoples and foods, had easier means of communicating with many people including those in other countries or continents. What this seems to mean is that the millennials value this rich diversity in life and intend to pursue this during their working life as well – meaning they will value a work life balance that many of us would consider to be very much weighted towards life than work. This is not a bad thing. (Systematic HR)

  • How to Move Up The Corporate Ladder: Think Like A Recruiter !
    If you're looking for an executive level management position, you're not alone. Every day, companies receive hundreds of cover letters and resumes from job candidates. If you're serious about landing a great new job, you need to find an edge over your competition. How do you do that? Think like a recruiter!Executive level recruiters know what companies want; you should too. Before you ask a company to hire you, you should know what recruiters know! (Daily Recruiter)
  • The WDC Bookshelf: The Coming Generational Storm
    Every once in a while we like to share with you what we at WDC are currently reading. We're admittedly book junkies - always on the lookout for new and interesting insights into our favorite subject, the future of work. So here's another of the books that we're enjoying at present. (Future of Work)
  • Gen Y Hates Their Jobs
    To anyone who has ever had discussions with friends or family about how much they like or dislike their work, it should come as no surprise that the Conference Board found in a survey of 5,000 U.S. households that many Americans dislike their work. The group that disliked their work the most? Gen Y, with more than 60 percent indicating that they are dissatisfied with their current jobs. That low level of satisfaction was the lowest level ever recorded in the nearly 20-year history of the survey. (College Recruiter)
  • A Recruiting Guide for Startups
    Five suggestions
    Today's entrepreneur is finding that it's harder than ever to attract top talent. In the early days of the dot-com bubble of the 1990s, big employers were rightfully scared of startups hiring their people away with promises of unimagined riches, half-day ping-pong tournaments, and lavish parties. It was like summer camp with stock options. (Lefkow On ERE)
  • Plugging the Brain Drain, Crashing the Gray Ceiling
    Warnings about the near apocalyptic "brain drain", when baby boomers would leave the workforce en masse to travel, play golf, visit grandchildren or consult, have been front-page news for nearly a
    decade. Many forward-looking companies responded and have been putting strategies in place to retain older, experience workers longer. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that more than half(55%) of big U.S. companies are "giving managers the tools to increase retention of baby-boomers," including flexible or reduced schedules and retention bonuses. (Human Resources Blog)
  • The Soggy Breakfast Battle
    The Cheesman-Goldberg debate is over, and the winner is definitely the audience. The 600+ attendees got to witness the much-hyped tête-à-tête between Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg and prolific blogger Joel Cheesman. (EreexpoBlog)

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