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Communal Mayhem (SOAB)

(April 20, 2007) Have you noticed what's going on over at Recruiting.com? It looks like most neighborhoods do after the gang has taken over and destroyed property values. It happened quickly. Civility and well kept homes have been replaced with venom, snakes and flying bullets.

We got Snakes On A Blog (SOAB).

Even the most tireless defender of the old neighborhood has been rendered ineffective. People who try to monitor the conversation and ask reasonable questions are ignored or taunted.

My business conversations are beginning to include "John, do you think you can keep the muck at recruiting.com from spilling over into our relationship?" I am reasonably sure that this wild west time period will be short lived. I ask my friends and clients to bear with me.

Here are some tidbits from my mailbox:

  • I'm afraid where once I would refer people who are new to recruiting blogs to recruiting.com first, I now find I refer them anywhere but. That is a great shame.
  • I am really disgusted with the whole blogging bull s*** going on out there and need to decide where I see that fitting in our world (if at all). The attacks on your role at recruiting.com have been interesting. Lots of poison pens and little real value, substance, relevant experience. I hate the self promotion, poor attempts at humor, mean "spiritedness", and flakiness that is the recruiting blogoshpere.

Sensible people are discouraged from contributing to the conversation by the shark-tank atmosphere. No learning or exchange of substance can take place in this environment. And, it seems to feed upon itself.

My view is that this is an extremely exaggerated version of what happens anytime there is a leadership transition. It is very roughly comparable to the time between the election of a new president and the inauguration. That lame duck period is fraught with scandal and odd behavior. In other words, it's pretty normal to get caught up in the chaos.

What always happens when there is an announced intent to change the status quo is resistance to the change. With little to go on but hints, speculation and insecurity, petty politics rises to an intense level. Rumors are taken as fact and acted on. Evidence is created and disappears. Egos swell and shrink.

Jason Davis is a lovable guy. It's fair to say that I am less so. Jason and I are complementary, like yin and yang.

Jason is running Recruiting.com until sometime in early May. During the first half of May, I will be traveling heavily,  continuing to check in and will start to post about then. I imagine that it will start to look like I'm there towards the middle to the end of the month. The lame duck period ends in mid-May but there will certainly be a period of transition following that.

It is worth noticing that the Recruiting Animal and Amitai Givertz have both tried to maintain a sense of decorum. They evaluate, interpret and refuse to take sides. Their goal seems to be to maintain an environment that is good for business.

I hope to underline their efforts. Right now, Recruiting.com, which was once a place that encouraged the spread of recruiting blogs, is now a place that highlights their flaws. What should be a showcase for market conversations is held hostage by the most repetitive loud voices.

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