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An Error In My Thinking

(April 13, 2007) I get all sorts of interesting feedback to the articles I write. They often span the entire spectrum from praise to damnation. Occasionally, I get something representing a perspective I had not considered.

Wednesday's "Of Note" article suggested that neither Navisite nor Direct Employers/Job Central were adequately meeting the requirements for a replacement for AJB. There was ire in the blogs. In email, there was a different story. Something I'd never considered was the idea that AJB served a useful function other than a checkbox on a compliance form.

Apparently, there are seasoned users of the AJB system who derive continuous streams of value from the service. Here's a sample note:


Regarding your article today 'Of Note' in the Electronic Recruiting News', I felt compelled to disagree to a degree and tell you why, if you'll indulge me.

As a person who uses American Job Bank on almost a daily basis to advertise open positions, it seems to me that you either do not use this source much, or at all, do not track it's results, or fully realize it's advantage. Your quote "having wondered often in this column why the government is competing with industry in classified advertising" baffles me. I'm not sure who's side your on, or I should say the side your on is clear; AJB is a detailed, organized, searchable reference and account friendly 'free' job upload site, where many other job sites gather their jobs available information from (meaning dozens of other sites now have my jobs available info), versus 'industry classified advertising' which posts to their site for a small fortune per job. I see you champion industry, but as supposedly bias opinion, have you really considered the small employers position?

Yes, maybe "no corporation has ever reported broad success from its use", but any job board is not run by the large corporations alone. Many small employers comprise all the rest. In my little world, AJB is not the end-all job board, but as part of my online recruiting mix, it adds tremendously to filling job orders with qualified candidates. And, to get this for free is something I will miss. I am 'sick to death' with the pay to post sites that I've also tried, and do not work consistently well to warrant to abhorrent costs – per job posting. I am at my wits end with keyword driven crappy resumes which the applicant has no idea has been submitted to the jobs I post.

Plus I have to tell you, that, in my areas of Southern California, I've made it my business to develop relationships with Business Centers, EDD Centers, Job Clubs, One Stop Career Centers, etc. and you might be surprised about their opinion on the subject of employee job reference sites and practices; and they have the ear of the unemployed.

You bring up the point that you 'wonder why small employers should feel comfortable about large organizations banding together to manage a national labor exchange'; why wouldn't I? Do I wonder who runs Indeed, GadBall or Data Frenzy? Do I care about the cost, ease of use, benefits and site service of my sources? You bet. And, if you think AJB is aggravating (a long process maybe, but certainly not "aggravating"), then you've clearly never used Cal Jobs. In comparison, Cal Jobs makes AJB look like the holy grail.

O.K., now that your convinced I'm either an irate subscriber, don't know what I'm talking about, outright crazy or all of the above, I have to add that I agree with all the other points in your article. "How DO these new players plan to deliver real results?" But in that regard, I defer to your research completely, as I in no way have the expertise to know really how all this works.

I just want good free job upload sources that are respected and viewed often by job seekers, where I can post my "jobs available" each week. Is that too much to ask? Probably, but I keep looking and hoping.


Cyndy Geier

 It's a useful thing to discover a large aspect of a problem that you've overlooked. In my daily work, I pay scant attention to the "Business Centers, EDD Centers, Job Clubs, One Stop Career Centers, etc". Cindy's note has got me wondering about the area. I really love it when someone shows me an error in my thinking in a thoughtful way.

Thanks, Cyndy.

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