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BoB: Best Of The Blogs

(March 30, 2007)
  • Job Descriptions are Part of What is Killing Recruiting
    As I said in my last article, I got some loud and passionate responses to my article Recruiting BS and How to Get Rid of It. Last post I talked about the response to my call to get rid of requisitions. Now we turn to my statement about job descriptions:

    (They) don't have anything to do with the job

    ...and my advice about how to fix that problem:

    Job Descriptions should be about the job that needs to be done next year, not the job that was needed last week. By the time you have spent 90 days hiring the right person for yesterday's job, tomorrow's job still needs filling.

    Most of the comments I got were simple and to the point:

    We are recruiters, not HR people. We fill the position that is given to us. Job Descriptions are the hiring manager's responsibility, not ours!

    And my response is always the same:

    Get ready to move to India / China / etc.


  • HR-XML Consortium Announces 2007 Board of Directors
    The HR-XML Consortium today announced its 2007 Board of Directors. Newly elected to the board are Mark Cates, Peopleclick, Inc.; Andreas Elkeles, SAP; and Ingolf Teetz, milch & zucker. Re-elected to the board are: Gail Bubsey, Kelly Services and Bill Kerr, Oracle. Continuing in their two-year terms are: Joanne Fritz, Automatic Data Processing, Inc.; Lon Pilot, Omicron; Romuald Restout, Talent Technology Corporation; and Paul Storfer, Human Capital Science. (HRXML)
  • The Best Thing About Job Boards Is...
    I'm going to go ahead and say that job boards really suck for recruiting these days. Not only do job boards suck, but resume databases for the most part suck too.

    There, I said it.

    To find the really awesome, kick-ass, rock star candidates we all dream about - NEWS FLASH - they are not looking at a job board or god forbid taking the time to put their resume on a website.  (Recruiting.com)

  • Get Smart, Get A Staffing Supply Chain
    A Supply Chain "is a coordinated system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service in physical or virtual manner from supplier to customer. (Source: Wikipedia)

    How many times have you or your sales people come back from a client with a hot new requirement? A few calls later you learn that this was last week's news, but that the other recruiters from competing firms working on the job were really bad and couldn't find something. Now assuming that they were bad and that the client's requirement wasn't just plain unrealistic (rate, skills, industry experience, etc.), there may be another consideration.  (Job Matchbox)
  • Jason Davis, Recruiting.com
    As noted here, Jason Davis has decided to leave his post as Executive Editor of Recruiting.com when his contract with Jobster expires in early May. He will be missed.

    Jason Davis has been a shining light in the recruiting industry. He introduced recruiting to blogs and built a global community of blogging recruiters. (Jobster)

  • Silicon Valley's "Restless Mind Syndrome"
    No people, it is not a disease it is quite similar to what you would describe as the symptoms for the restless leg syndrome: "Motor restlessness, expressed as activity that relieves the urge to move", just replace the word "motor" with "Mind".

    Over generations the work culture has been changing and evolving, the new trend for the 21st century is the growth of small business and innovative technology research and development. The possibilities of diversification in different technological and medical sector have increased immensely and it no longer a great charm (for many if not most) to be in one field of interest or career for long. The tilt and trend is towards entrepreneurship and that too, not one venture or two, an entrepreneur today aims at starting out 2-3 start-ups and more in his/her lifetime this is also the mind set of the new workforce in their 20s, restless and ready to take on the world, after all they have the inspirational Generation X entrepreneurs as mentors and role-models. (CareerBright)

  • T Minus 37
    One of the most valuable things about blogs for me is the conversation that takes place around certain posts.

    On May 2nd, my 12 month contract with Jobster expires and my involvement with Recruiting.com ends. I am excited about the upcoming change. I feel kind of weird that Recruiting.com will not be part of my day to day activities but I can handle it. My decision to move on is entirely personal. There are many opportunities and challenges out there and I want in.

    Over the last three years or so, there have been many entertaining posts and conversations that have taken place on Recruiting.com and elsewhere in the Recruiting Blogosphere. Over the next month, I want to go back and have a look at some of these. (Recruiting.com)

  • Guide to Resume Search
    A few key tactics for resume search will help you find the best candidates in resume databases and elsewhere on the Web. Your next great hire may have a resume already posted on the Internet. It could be in a resume database, on their personal home page, or in a profile. Your task: find it. That may be easier than you think.

    Sites such as Monster.com (my former employer) will charge you for resume search, and lots of great candidates who are open to new opportunities can be found there. There are free services, too. Of course, the biggest goldmine of all for resume search is the Web itself, and I'll describe some simple tricks for that. Depending on what type of job you want to fill, online resume search can be very fruitful. A few things to keep in mind:. (Work.com)

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Presentation from John Sumser, Recruiting Is A Conversation is available for download.

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