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The interbiznet Bugler

(April 03, 2007)
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Reveille and Hyperbole:
ZoomInfo introduced ZoomExec, an affordable, self-service product that allows users to search for executives and gain instant access to information on decision-making business professionals, including work history, education, contact information, and web references used to compile the data. ZoomExec drastically cuts down the time and energy needed to find and connect with key decision makers at target companies. Because ZoomExec is completely integrated into ZoomInfo's business information search engine (see related release, ZoomInfo Unveils Business Information Search Engine), users will also be able to research more than three million companies for free.

Impact Systems, Inc. the leader in compliance and regulatory publishing production tools for EMC Documentum and Adobe® Systems announces a new web site: www.toolsfromimpact.com.

The Jobs Search Engine, allthetopbananas.com. to launch in the UK on April 2.   This is not another jobs board joining the thousands of existing jobs web sites. Allthetopbananas.com offers an impressively new approach to jobs searching, which is widely beneficial to today's job seekers. The site, with its revolutionary approach to the job search engine market, is intended to be the UK's most helpful and comprehensive jobs search; for both job seekers and recruiters.

A new on-line business agreement service, smartagreements.com is now available to consumers and business professionals. Users can create, complete, and store business and personal agreements on-line. User have access to a library of agreements. Users say the service is fast, efficient, economic and effective. The user has access to more than 400,000 words of easy to use legal and practical business explanations tagged to each blank in an agreement to help the user complete the agreement correctly and to the user's advantage.

Deck Chairs:
Dr. Paul S. Hsu, former Chairman of the Board of ActiGraph, LLC, has accepted a Presidential appointment as Associate Administrator for the Office of Government Contracting and Business Development for the U.S. Small Business Administration. As the Associate Administrator, Dr. Hsu will direct the implementation of policies within the Office of Government Contracting and Business Development, including the HUBZone Empowerment Contracting program and the 8(a) Business Development Program …

Best B2B Web Site Trends Detailed in New Report from the Web Marketing Association - Employment Catagory.
Entry Name Award Level Winner
Key Sector Marketing Campaign Best Employment Email message campaign Best Employment Email message campaign
Global Technical Careers integrated ad campaign Best Employment Integrated ad campaign Shell International Ltd, Attraction & Recruitment
Interactive Degree matcher Best Employment Interactive application Shell International Ltd, Attraction & Recruitment
Global Technical Careers microsite Best Employment Microsite/landing page Shell International Ltd, Attraction & Recruitment
Love Mondays expandable banner Best Employment Rich media Online ad Shell International Ltd, Attraction & Recruitment
CareerBuilder.com Best Employment Rich media Online campaign Movéo Integrated Branding

You Should Know:
Disaster Contingencies Elude UK Companies -- Parity Emphasizes Importance of Risk Management to Businesses

UK businesses regularly preach the importance of planning for disaster, yet they fail to make business resilience a reality says Parity IT Business Services.

Parity IT Business Services have stated that UK businesses regularly preach the importance of planning for disaster, yet they fail to make business resilience a reality.

Following their announcement of being made the first fully accredited training provider for the Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Continuity Management module by ISEB, Parity have announced their intention to strengthen their portfolio in this area, reflecting on the new report from the Chartered Management Institute (http://www.parity.net/training/qualificationsandframeworks/iseb/servicemanagement/) (CMI).

The report reveals that a quarter of UK firms were affected by extreme weather conditions during the past year, and that one-fifth suffered a loss in productivity because of skills shortages. Rick Firth, Managing Director of Parity Training (http://www.parity.net/training ) said, "Increased terrorist attacks and environmental disasters have shifted business continuity and risk management high up the corporate agenda. With new standards coming in for business continuity it is important that we keep abreast of the planning and risk issues that affect businesses."   Parity Group

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Deep Release:
Is this Company Too Big or Too Small? Kenexa Research Institute Findings Say that it Might Not Matter.

-Latest Research from Kenexa Describes what Employees Gain and Lose by Working at Different Sized Organizations-

What are the benefits of working for a large organization? Do workers give up something when they move from a smaller organization to larger one? Some of these findings may surprise you. The latest research conducted by the Kenexa Research Institute (KRI), a division of Kenexa® (NASDAQ: KNXA), a leading provider of talent acquisition and retention solutions, describes the similarities and differences between workers employed by larger (over 10,000 employees) and smaller (less than 10,000 employees) organizations. The recently compiled data for this study is from 2004-2006 Kenexa organizational effectiveness surveys conducted in U.S. and European multinational companies. This total study population was over 3.5 million employees.

Survey items where larger company workers had at least a 10% more favorable rating than their smaller company counterparts included communication of company goals and objectives; feeling valued by the organization; the job itself – the kind of work performed; opportunity available to improve skills; being treated with dignity and respect; the reasonableness of workload; recognition received; and, pride. Smaller company workers have the advantage over their larger company counterparts on compatibility of values (24% difference – largest difference in the study); internal support received from other departments; my manager helping me grow and develop; communication of a clear vision of the company's future; being encouraged to serve the customer in innovative ways; personal authority regarding decisions; emphasis/structure to support customer service; and, being kept informed on important matters.

In what areas are larger and smaller companies the same? Absolutely no differences (0%) were found on these eight items: work and personal life balance; feel part of team; access to resources to do job effectively; receive needed information for job; manager provides feedback; organization committed to ethical conduct; can report unethical practices without fear of reprisal; and, manager is readily accessible.

Jeffrey Saltzman, New York Practice Leader for Kenexa, said, "Many notions exist about what it is like to work in larger or smaller organizations. While some of the more commonly accepted notions seem to bear out in the data, others are debunked. For instance, people in larger organizations can feel as, if not more valued than people in smaller ones. Additionally 78% of larger organization workers report that they enjoy the work they are doing and feel pride in working for their respective companies – as contrasted to statements you often read about worker unhappiness."

He continued, "Smaller companies seem to have an edge in attracting people with values similar to their own. This is likely helped by their better performance in articulating a clear vision of the future of the organization. Additionally, they seem to have an advantage in the area of customer service, encouraging innovative customer service and providing support in that area."

Saltzman shared that in a nod to the pervasiveness of Sarbanes-Oxley, Kenexa found no differences on the commitment to ethical conduct (which has been trending upward over the last 20 odd years) and the ability to report ethical lapses without fear of reprisal.

"What is also interesting to me, though not unexpected, is the similarity of score on work/life balance," Saltzman said, "Work/life balance is one of the few areas that has been declining and often comes up as issue. These findings show the pervasiveness of the issue in both larger and smaller organizations."

Kenexa has an unequalled database of worldwide employee survey results that allows the company to provide exceptional insights to organizations of all sizes on a global basis. This business-critical information enables international organizations to better maximize their overall performance.

About Kenexa
Kenexa Corporation (NASDAQ:KNXA) provides outsourcing, employee research and software to help organizations more effectively recruit and retain a productive workforce. Kenexa solutions include applicant tracking, employment process outsourcing, onboarding, skills and behavioral assessments, structured interviews, performance management, multi-rater feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys and HR Analytics. Headquartered in Wayne, Pa. (outside Philadelphia), Kenexa employs more than 1,200 people worldwide. More information about Kenexa and its global locations can be accessed at www.kenexa.com.

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