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CheeseSteak Wiki

(April 12, 2007)
Joel Cheesman, is a master at setting and meeting low expectations. As the leading independent new technology evangelist in the Recruiting space, that's a survival skill. With an impressive array of ongoing experiments, Joel knows that most will limp along and only a few will ever really matter. Garnering consistent levels of participation depends on being upfront about the benefits and possibilities of success. As we said, he masterfully defines and meets low expectations on a regular basis.

This time, he's launching the Cheezhead Wiki.

Why post a page to this wiki? The most obvious answer is search. The Cheezhead domain is highly trusted in the eyes of Google and other engines. And it should only get better. Done correctly, any page created on this wiki should have a fighting chance of ranking well for the keyphrases and content that's added. If you're a start-up, for example, leveraging this wiki to add your company information should help rank for your top keywords, such as your brand name. Keep in mind that this solution utilized the nofollow attribute, so you won't get much benefit from links going to other Web pages. However, this could change if Wetpaint decides to allow that option. (Cheesehead Wiki)

On the other hand, and in spite of the self-deprecating marketing, it's about time for a wiki.

We need a single point, searchable resource for Recruiting Tools, Resources, Ideas, Destinations, Discussions, Techniques, Training, Trainers, Services, and so on. While Google is great if you know something about what you're looking for, subject matter guidance (like Yahoo used to provide) is indispensable. With some cheerleading and a little active participation, a Recruiting Wiki could make a meaningful difference in the industry.

Part of Joel's approach involves choosing vendors. He's not really an R&D operation, he's more of a technology transfer vendor. Joel picks technologies some time after they've been perfected elsewhere. He finds affordable vendors and then experiments in our industry with things that have worked elsewhere. It's an admirable and time-honored approach....build a brand and add white label businesses.

The Recruiting industry is quite volatile. Companies and people cycle through at an amazing rate. The big issue with a Wiki will be keeping it current. If it gets OBE (Overtaken By Events), it won't be very useful.

That means Joel's challenge is to build a dedicated volunteer force. The wiki is a good idea. It would be a smart thing for you and your business to have a page or two in it.

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