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(May 25, 2005) - Think about Odeo (better yet, browse their blog). Odeo, brainchild of Evan Williams (who started Blogger, the blogging service now integrated into Google) hopes to do for podcasts what Blogger did for Blogs...a one stop shop.

If you haven't heard yet, a podcast is a downloadable audio file, resembling conventional radio shows but typically produced by regular folks, that people listen to online or on their "iPods". Hence the name podcast.

This BusinessWeek story will fill you in on the basics of the idea.

Spreading faster than blogs did (which spread far faster than websites), Podcasts are simply another crack in the wall that was once big media. (If you want compelling evidence about the change, have a look at Googspy (which can tell you the names and keyword purchasing behavior of Google customers). All media are rapidly moving to local and personal usage and development.

Podcasts are important to professional recruiters and the recruiting industry at large because they offer yet another platform for Recruitment advertising and branding. Just as Heather is single-handedly changing the face of day to day recruiting, podcasts will profoundly alter the landscape.

Right behind audioblogging (another name for podcasts) is videoblogging. Take a long hard look at Rocketboom.

IT Conversations (Listener Supported) is a producer and aggregator of podcast content.

PodcastingNews keeps track of the phenomenon. You can usually subscribe to an RSS feed for a podcaster.

As we've been saying for years, the single most important recruiting skill is rapidly becoming audience development.

John Sumser

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