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Top Job Boards

(May 10, 2005) - According to TopJobSites.com, "

Top job sites are getting a larger overall share of Internet users throughout the world.

A large majority of job sites showed a strong upward trend relative to overall rankings of other Internet sites during the past several months, according to recent Alexa rankings published by TopJobSites.com.  71.43% percent of job sites are showing a ranking gain and only 28.57% of job sites show a ranking decline. 

The TopJobSites.com Ranking Index was up 9.82% overall, its largest increase in the past two years.  The largest two sites (Monster and Careerbuilder) showed double digit ranking gains, as did College category leader CollegeGrad.com, Executive category leader 6FigureJobs, Niche category leader Dice.com and International category leaders JobsDB and ChinaHR.com.

Overall, the category leaders are: Monster.com for General Job Sites, CollegeGrad.com for College Job Sites, 6FigureJobs for Executive Job Sites, Dice.com for Niche Job Sites, LatPro for Diversity Job Sites, JobsDB for International (English) Job Sites and ChinaHR.com for International (non-English) Job Sites.

Here are the top job boards in their "General" category:

Monster.com www.monster.com
CareerBuilder www.careerbuilder.com
HotJobs.com www.hotjobs.com/
Jobing.com www.jobing.com
Vault www.vault.com
America's Job Bank www.jobsearch.org
CareerSite.com www.careersite.com
4jobs.com www.4jobs.com
Snag A Job www.snagajob.com
Job.com www.job.com
RegionalHelpWanted.com www.regionalhelpwanted.com
Net-Temps www.net-temps.com
Employment 911 www.employment911.com
EmploymentGuide.com www.employmentguide.com
NationJob www.nationjob.com
LocalCareers.com www.localcareers.com
WetFeet.com www.wetfeet.com
CoolWorks.com www.coolworks.com
Sologig.com www.sologig.com
TrueCareers www.truecareers.com
GrooveJob.com www.groovejob.com
CareerBoard.com www.careerboard.com
JobBankUSA.com www.jobbankusa.com
DirectEmployers www.directemployers.com
Careermag.com www.careermag.com
Jobs.net www.jobs.net
AmericanPreferredJobs.com www.preferredjobs.com
BestJobsUSA.com www.bestjobsusa.com
SummerJobs.com www.summerjobs.com
Employment Spot www.employmentspot.com
JobWarehouse.com www.jobwarehouse.com
Jobfind.com www.jobfind.com
CareerShop www.careershop.com
Career.com www.career.com

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John Sumser

How Does AssociationJobBoards.com Work?
This is an online directory of association job boards that have proven a commitment to providing high-quality, career related, member services. Each organization is positioned as an industry or profession specific job board.

AssociationJobBoards.com provides you with a description of each site to help you determine if a particular career center is right for your needs. Once you've found your niche, jump right to that career center and begin making employment connections.

Why are AssociationJobBoards.com Members Better?
AssociationJobBoards.com members are proven winners - they provide employers access to higher quality candidates that have demonstrated a commitment to their profession and their career by joining their association.

Each organization services their membership on a number of levels from education and certifications, to career development and employment. The result top quality, pre-screened candidate pools sorted by niche, and delivered in a high candidate-density format. AssociationJobBoard.com members are simply the best ROI for your recruitment dollar on the planet.

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