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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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Interim Services
(November 22, 1996): One of the really big problems in moving your recruiting efforts on to the web has very little to do with the web itself. Any organization with multiple sites and operations faces internal integration problems that are often amplified on the web. It's the reason that many big players seem to have small net presences. Coordination between sites is a tough nut.

Take a look at Interim. With 1,000 offices, grown quickly, you'd imagine that they have an integration problem of significant magnitude. It doesn't show in the website. Rather, their site seamlessly juggles requirements and turf between offices through a smooth functioning search interface. When we compare it to other more established players, Interim appears to be a company that knows where it is going.

The lesson? The net can really generate positive impressions of your company for investors, clients and candidates. After our tour through Interim's site, we developed a great respect for their ability to manage their company.

The danger? Given the sort of standard set by companies like Interim, it's easy to come up short. When you invest in a net presence, make sure that you understand the image you want to portray.

Job Info Prototype

(November 21, 1996): We've talked a lot about the potential in horizontal (geographic) and vertical (functional) segregation in the recruiting marketplace. At the bottom line, the best place to find the passive job hunter is where they live or where they work. They probably don't visit employment sites since they're busy working. Reaching them means using profesional publications and localized advertising.

We got to thinking about the question again after seeing The Information Professional's Career Page. The page is a part of BRINT (a Business Researcher's Interests). It seems to comprehensively cover the issues and aspects of an information professional's career including employment links. We think it's a prototype for functional specialty recruiting efforts.

Symptoms of Internet Fever

(November 20, 1996): In this great, big, modern, wonderful, digital world, we just spent two days fighting hardware. A hard drive crashed. Diagnosis, replacement and reinventing the machine took two full days. We're dependent on the net so money was spent, tempers lost and shortcuts taken. As we worked (and it took the efforts of three!), clients dropped by saying "Imagine if you were us and had to call someone". Total bill (in hardware, lost productivity and time spent dealing with idiots at computer stores)....about $2200.

We had backups or it would have been much worse.

We were going to call this note "Stomach Bigger Than Eyes". It takes moments of complete focused panic to remind us that no one really knows where this Internet thing is going. We've moved into a phase where some content on the net is just plain unavaiable to most people who use it.

Java enabled sites tend to crash our systems, so we generally steer clear of them. The research staff often turn off the graphics on their browsers so they can get work done. While we were walking around grumbling about the disk crash, a researcher was overheard cursing "I waited 5 minutes for this?".

The "Duh" factor is huge. A long time player sent a note that said, essentially, "I've got this great idea...why not advertise jobs on the net...hey, that would be really cool..Uh huh uh huh." In a fit of politeness, we pointed out the Electronic Recruiting News and 1st Steps in the Hunt.

We've been reviewing a huge pile of sites and have to walk away from it all from time to time. It's just primitive ill-formed, boring and self-centered crap for the most part. If we get one more phone call from a genius who has breathlessly re-intuited the obvious, we're liable to go postal.

But, that's how this thing works. In this experimental environment, reinventing the wheel, calling it fire and then throwing a rush dinner party to show off your cooking is just part of how we all learn about the potential and future of this thing. It's messy, confusing, primitive, uncertain and delightfully human.

Like sailors off to explore uncharted seas, we're on our way. Look with suspicion on anyone who tells you with certainty that they know where the ship is going. The net is a huge ocean of potential and we're each small specks in it.

Getting lost is part of the game. Assuming that you know everything is a symptom of Internet Fever.

Immigration Law

(November 18, 1996): Given the demographic dip and low unemployment, American companies increasingly face the question of using immigrant employees as a part of their staffing solutions. The arena is fraught with political rhetoric and confusing regulations. The law firm of Siskind, Susser, Haas & Chang provides a peaceful oasis in the heart of the storm.

As a client development service, they offer a monthly email newsletter on the subject. The newsletter archives are a very useful place to begin your education. They also offer the full text of critical documents in this evolving legal arena.

Packed with value, the Siskind, Susser, Haas & Chang website deserves a prominent position in your bookmark file.

Building Traffic

(November 17, 1996): Nothing beats offering usable features to your audience for building loyal return traffic. In the non-web world, where the competition for attention has clearer lines, most recruiters and HR pros would never consider Kaplan as a competitor. On the web, however, where attention and response are measured in clicks and time, an outfit like Kaplan directly competes for "mindshare". Take a good look at their offerings.
  • The Hot Seat which simulates tough interviews and teaches you how to "Keep your cool".

  • Thanksgiving careers, which we sort of guessed would contain "jobs for turkeys". On fact, along with pointers to other holiday related jobs, this Gem includes a free game of Spin The Turkey (downloadable shareware for Mac or IBM. It also showcases valuable holiday tips for travel, dealing with family, suggestions for smalltalk, menu suggestions and recipes, andpointers to holiday Jell-o recipes.

  • Surprisingly, Kaplan features even more downloadable games in their "cellar". Who'd have ever guessed that job hunting could be so much fun?

All in all, Kaplan's Career Center is nothing short of remarkable. It's a broad offering with lots of resources and distractions designed, at every step, to integrate entertainment with the difficult work of job hunting and career management. We're nothing short of awed by their work. Really, check it out.

Kaplan is building a distribution channel. By offering an audience repeatable value, they lock down "mindshare". From distribution, it's a short hop to adding additional features and functionality.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

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