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Helping Recruiters Sift Resumes
(November 2, 1996): Weeding through a pile of resumes is a form of torture. Sometimes, we wonder if it isn't punishment for the sins of some past life. The best databases we've seen work on making the pile smaller and more precise. Last night, we had a look at one of the Net-Temps features and came away very impressed.

Go to the Net-Temps site. Click on the Search Resumes link. Then, click on the Visitor's Access button. You'll end up at a demonstration page for non-members. The demo limits your responses to one resume at a time (the member's version feeds them to you 25 at a time).

Try a search (we used "unix"). When the search results appear, you'll notice that you can view a resume in 4 ways. Click the link called Highlight All Matches In this Document.

The results are a hypertext (HTML) resume with your search terms highlighted in red. On either side are arrows. A search term looks something like this:

  •  UNIX 
Click on the right arrow and you go back to the previous expression. Left takes you forward. It's a really helpful use of hypertext as a scanning tool. It makes the drudgery just a little easier to bear. Net-Temps keeps adding great new features with recruiting effectiveness in mind.

Follow The Money

(October 31, 1996): If you're really keeping a close eye on the Industry, you'll want to check out a new feature at the Staffing Industry Report's site. The Staffing Industry Stock Index is updated each business day with: It's a quick take on the pulse of the industry. The service is scheduled to become "for subscribers only" at the first of the year. It would be a great excuse to subscribe to the Staffing Industry of the real gems of the industry.

Bread and Butter

(October 30, 1996): The wraps are coming off. The 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index website is ready for your perusal. This year's volume picks up where the 1996 Edition (and The Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide) left off. It includes reviews of 3500 Employment Industry websites, strategy, tactics, forecasts and trend analysis. Check out the new site.

We're offering special prepublication rates on the report through December 1, 1996.

On The Avenue

(October 29, 1996): We got a passionate note from the folks at Career Avenue. Their new website is the product of a team of Human Resource specialists. It combines standard job listing features, resume submittal and a career advice questionaire. Apparently, you can ask one of the experts a question and receive an answer by email.

As we poked through the site, we got increasingly uncomfortable. There were several nice innovations:

  • Career Avenue places a very heavy emphasis on confidentiality,
  • Search responses are very effectively delivered in small increments
  • The service leaves the gate with a traffic building approach (many completely neglect this critical step).
But, something about the overall design made us uneasy.

The Web Employment Marketplace is a goldrush with serious long term consequences. The fortunes and cash flows of several traditional industries are at stake. From Newspaper Advertising revenue to third party recruiter's fees, the potential dollar value of the market is outrageous.

The cost of effectively starting a web based recruiting effort is much higher than most expect. It is significantly lower than the alternatives. Each of the groups of players (newspapers, periodicals, recruiters, HR Departments and Educational Institutions) bring some key skills to the game. They also bring inherent weaknesses, rooted in their experience. The web Employment Market is a clear example of "fools rushing in where angels fear to tread".

It's a good news / bad news story. The good news? Technology enables the fusion of competing entities in the interest of profit and improved capability. The bad news? Success is dependent on absorbing values and skills from an entire food chain. It's a difficult task.

Recruiters become marketers; newspapers become HR Departments; HR gets saddled with learning complex new skills. In this kind of environment, failure is much more likely than a graceful success. Motivations span the range of human emotion: the desire for a larger piece of the pie, the potential to improve the status quo, survival, and simple improved effectiveness. Biting off more than you can chew is a significant risk.

Career Avenue deserves some small applause for the willingness to enter the shark tank. Unfortunately, HR professionals aren't inherently good at graphic presentation or information architecture. It's not a failing; you'd never expect a doctor to be a good auto mechanic. But, recognizing your limitations and accounting for them is the root of success on the Web. Career Avenue suffers from the fatal assumption that being good at one thing translates readily into others.

Managing Links

(October 28, 1996): One of the secrets of online recruiting is that it is more like marketing than not. On the level of website traffic building, one key is managing the links to your site from other sites.

Our Article on Link Types begins:

You weave the foundation for your web enterprise from a series of links. We're very clear that the depth and quality of your inbound links constitute the commercial infrastructure, the playing field, of your enterprise. Since we're located within eyesight of the Golden Gate Bridge, it's hard to avoid the suspension metaphor. Links are the suspension and bridge that allow traffic into your site. By definition, the relationship has to be two way. You must offer some sort of outbound links as a part of your traffic development.

We think that there are several discrete types of inbound link. They vary in quality and effectiveness. Since, for all intents and purposes, your operation *begins* at the inbound link, we think that it's critical to manage them.

It goes on to describe the process of maturing productive relationships based on links. Read (or reread) the whole article.

Corporate Recruiting

(October 27, 1996): We're hard at work on the next edition of the Electronic Recruiting Index (to be published in December). As a part of our research, we've surveyed nearly 1500 Corporate Recruiting Sites. If you're in corporate HR, take a look at the competition. If your in third party recruiting, it's a great look at the HR Online Marketplace.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

See a detailed index of our past issues

  • Week Ending October 27, 1996
    • Non-Industry Recruiters
    • Stalker's Page
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    • Internet Alternatives
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    • Resume Databases
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  • Week Ending October 13, 1996
    • Snorkeling The Web
    • Email Etiquette
    • Job Listings As Infotainment
    • Niche-Ing With Nation Job
  • Week Ending October 6, 1996
    • Kevin Johansen Interview
      • Community and Recruiting
      • Starting A Web Business
      • Web As Recruiting Tool
      • Recruiters as Leaders
      • The Future
  • Week Ending September 29 1996
    • Resources for Researchers
    • Netshare
    • Design: Doomed to Tombstones?
    • Job Bank USA
    • Regionalizing
    • Austin Knight
  • 2 Weeks Ending September 22 1996 Including:
    • Job Lynx
    • Career City Launches
    • Better Not To Bother
    • Scratch The Niche
    • Role Of Marketing
    • Salary Surveys
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