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Revolution Redux
(November 9, 1996): It must be revolution week on the Electronic Recruiting News. Read Chiatt-Day's "Mastering the New 5 P's of Marketing: How Not to be a Casualty of the Revolution" The article describes the changes in marketing that result from the economic revolution we're witnessing. The players who are really making it in recruiting are living by the rules laid out in this article.

You Say You Want A Revolution

(November 8, 1996): Gary Hamel's article "The Ideology of Revolution" begins:
Not all revolutions succeed. But unless you are an industry leader with an unassailable position (something that, given the lessons of history, not even Microsoft would not be wise to claim for itself), you probably have a greater stake in revolution than in preserving the status quo. Nine key ideas form the ideological base for industry revolution. None may be as compelling as Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death," but each offers companies the hope of wresting control of their destiny away from the industrial oligarchy.
Take a moment to read the rest of the article. It's a part of an odd site called StrategosNet. The reason we point out StrategosNet is that it's the kind of niche-y site that would be fantastic for recruiting fast trackers.

Exceptional Design II

(November 7, 1996): We didn't like the new look at first. We're so used to the shocking contrasts of current web design styles that the soft and subtle shadings wandered right by us. As we spent time on the site, we became convinced that ESpan has its users at the heart of its new design.

We hate, as you've seen, being reminded that our test browsers don't support Java. With our high end superfast gee whiz equipment, Java still craps out our machines with annoying frequency. Even with the negative message at the front end of our experience, we found the new ESpan to have a characteristic we rarely encouter on the Web: thoughtfulness.

A tour through their site shows that they've carefully tried to understand the needs of their customers. Where most sites "personalize" with a razor sharp appeal to a specific need, ESpan seems to support and nurture. A set of very well organized links and tools provide job hunters and HR professionals both with useful resources.

The gentle colors, strange as they seem initially, serve to support the site's objective of making your interaction with ESpan an effective experience.

Take a look. It's very, very nice.

Exceptional Design

(November 6, 1996): Job Safari is simple and to the point. With 720 companies listed in alphabetical and geographical order, you search and apply. And, the design is cool.

The site is a great showcase for a remarkable design principle. Single function pages with single function designs make user's lives easier to bear.


(November 5, 1996): R.A.Ward wins our "Most Intense recruiter site of the moment" award. The site greets job hunters who use stable platforms (like Netscape 2.0) with a lecture about using a better browser. We assume that it's so you can see more blinking graphics.

In spite of it's negative introduction, and if a twitching interface doesn't give you seizures, we suggest you take a look.

The company is a serious player in the Healthcare and Technical Recruitment scene in the great Northwest. However, a click on their jobs link took us to a page that said "This page has moved here". Clicking on the here link took us to another page saying the same thing. And so on.

Keep checking, we bet it will be good when they finally get it right.


(November 4, 1996):When we ran this column in July, there was no Windows version of Eudora. Yhe Windows version is out and well worth adding to your software arsenal.

We're pretty excited about the new version of Eudora (the email software). Currently only available for Macintosh systems, the new package has some pretty exciting features. All URLs are highlighted and can be tied directly to your browser. So, the URLs in your email can be immediately "clickable".

The new software also features text formatting for email (Bold, Italic, Font sizes, idents, margins etc). The days of "text only" email are rapidly closing. Formatting information is transmitted as a separate component so readers without advanced email software can still receive the standard product.

Finally, the filtering capabilities of the new version of Eudora are nothing short of remarkable. Based on definable characteristics (certain subjects, senders or key words), Eudora can be trained to return a standard reply. This is a particularly useful feature if you are considering the development of a newsletter.

The company is offering a fully featured version for a 30 day free trial and significant discounts if you're upgrading.

What does this mean for a recruiter?

Increasingly, the location and meaning of a "home page" is under assault. It's been obvious for months that huge databases of job listings are not navigable by the typical electronic job hunter. With "clickable URLs" integrated into email, it becomes increasingly possible for a recruiting site to deliver very precisely targeted sets of opportunities to the job hunter they're courting.

At the most sophisticated, we imagine personal agents that return lists of URLs. In it's simplest form, email can function as a gateway to specific services tailored to the client's needs.

As is the norm on the web, things are changing fast.

Recruiters' Internet
Survival Guide

(AUGUST 01, 1996): It's here and we're proud. Staffing Industry Resources has published the Recruiter's Internet Survival Guide by our editor, John Sumser.
Order your copy today.

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