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Simple and Effective Solutions

(February 12, 2008) One way of improving the chances of aquiring a target is to examine the what "it" is doing. While being instructed in a survival technique using a rope to snag a deer it became clear that my focus would determine my success.

To snare the deer I needed a relatively short line of rope, the ability to tie a slip knot and patience. Sitting quietly and observing the movement of deer through the forest their patterns emerged. The deer walk along the same path everyday.

I knew that I had to snag a buck (I think it is illegal to hunt a doe). If I placed the snare on the ground I might catch several does and never get a buck - population numbers alone are in the bucks favor. Continuing to watch I noticed the beauty of the antlers of the bucks. If I hung the snare from a tree at the height of the antlers, I could only catch a buck.

The place determined, the slip knot prepared and the rope hung, I watched. As the herd walked along the path an antler got caught in the snare and it tighten down yielding one beautiful buck ...

So, you watch where your target group is going put out the snare and you've got them.

After all of this excitement, I released the buck since I do not really have a placement for him currently.

Writing an attractive job descripton is an art. A simple and elegant solution to snare the right candidate.

Let's see what Darlene Zambruski, a Certified Resume Writer and Managing Editor of ResumeEdge.com, is instructing the buck, I mean candidate, in how to target you.
    In order to maximize the impact of your resume for your targeted audience, you must first have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Crafting your resume to reflect your goals, and the wants of the hiring manager, is the key to success.

    Pinpoint Your Goal
    • Before you begin, ask yourself these questions. Are you:
    • Making a lateral move?
      Seeking a promotion?
      Career transitioning?
      Pursuing admission into an academic program?

      For numbers one through three above, the most effective way to begin targeting your resume is to search openings that appeal to you on job boards (MonsterŪ, Yahoo! Hot JobsŪ, CareerBuilderTM, etc.), internal company postings, or newspaper classifieds.

      Match Yourself to the Job
      When you look at a job listing, highlight the qualifications that are required and the duties that you would be expected to assume. Every match in terms of required qualifications and your experience should serve as a keyword in your resume.

      Knowing how you match up to a potential position will provide focus, so that your resume can be tailored to your targeted audience. The more closely the content of your resume matches the content of these postings, the more likely you will be asked to interview. Be careful, though, not to simply repeat phrases found in a job listing. Your goal is to demonstrate your understanding of the role and your applicable experience.

      A Note on Academic Resumes
      Resumes provided to admission officers showcase your skills, professional experience, accomplishments, and academic history in much the same way as "job" resumes. The difference is that an admission resume will focus on what transitions well to the classroom, not to the workplace.

      Keywords can include industry-specific jargon or acronyms, such as the following:
      Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), for accountants
      Series 7 licensing, for brokers
      Initial public offering (IPO), for investment bankers
      At-risk child, for social workers
      Level 2 Training, for physicians
      Intellectual property law, for attorneys
      Triage, for nurses

      You should employ other nouns or phrases that indicate your qualifications and knowledge of required tasks.

      Such words might include:
      General ledger, word processing, contract negotiations, benefits, payroll, closing (for sales people)
      Catering services, new menu items, capacity planning (for chefs)
      Logistics, quality assurance, advertising campaigns, product launches, staffing, training, orientations (for a marketing position)

      Companies that employ scanners require a set number of hits on keywords before the hiring manager will personally review a resume. For that reason, it is always wise to incorporate as many keywords as possible into your resume.

      By deciding what you want, and crafting your resume appropriately to reflect your goal, you will find that perfect job. Make sure to start by getting clear on what you want to achieve and review the qualifications that are required for a particular opening. Develop your resume around your particular wants and the needs of the hiring manager. You'll be glad you did!

      Darlene Zambruski is a Certified Resume Writer and Managing Editor of ResumeEdge.com. ResumeEdge provides resume writing and cover letter services to thousands of job seekers each year. Darlene has personally managed more than 10,000 resume transformations across more than 30 industries. Visit ResumeEdge.com to learn more.

    Happy Hunting!

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