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(January 24, 2008) Still diving into the the notion of the mix of social networks, personal lives and business presence online.

The haunting word for the day is transparency. Transparency in our lives and beings.

Transparency means that you can see what is happening and it's effects. The process is open, frank and easily discernable. You see it and it is what you see.

This is the way a public company is suppose to run. And a bonus for such clarity allows the company to attract the right candidates and keep them. It is a hard thing to do and companies fail at it all the time. Companies that attempt it should be commended.

Transparency in our personal lives is a wonderful thing. Is it the case that our lives will be in public domain because our personal information is so accessible on the internet?

Can the internet turn us all into public figures?

No, we have a good deal of control for the moment. What we publish on the internet becomes part of the massive body of information that is available to everyone online. If we give our email address to some places online we may receive junk mail. If you have your email address on the internet, spiders will snap it up and you will receive a good deal of junk mail. (After thirteen years, my email address receives thousands of junk emails a day - thank goodness for filters.) If you post your picture online, it is accessible by many depending on where you post it and what filters they provide. (I have posted two pictures online and they do not show up in a general search to date - I believe that would change if I post them on the interbiznet site.)

Can we turn ourselves into public figures?

Yes we can. So, many will struggle for transparency, others for anonymity, and still others to create the image that they want you to see. Yes, there are still PR experts, marketing people and spin doctors in the world and they all play on the internet.

Remember the book, Dress for Success and it's many counterparts? Now we are ready for the updated version, Publish Yourself for Success.

See you online.

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