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Disruptive Networking

(January 23, 2008) Social networking can be very disruptive to the work process and time management during work hours.

Take a quick look at the average work day:
     comunicating (by email, phone and telepathy),
     problem solving,
     decision making,
     reading the Electronic Recruiting News,
     eating lunch,
     planning projects,
     starting projects,
     completeing projects,
     clearing up your desk,
     talking to your office mates,
     getting a cup of coffee,
     placing a candidate or two, (or your equivelent)

If you are in good shape and focused you can get a good deal of this done.

But imagine a note popping into your email box from your social network that seems to pertain to work but ends up side tracking your focus toward an old college boyfriend or some other "social" perhaps even emotional tract. Or just starting to look at who is "friends" with who and who is not "friends" with who in your work circles. Or being invited into an interesting topic or group and reading a few of their articles.

It is only logical to think that you simply limit yourself to 10 minutes a day to look at your social network during work just in case there is something pertinent to your career. Some are good at following this plan. Others may have to leave social networking for after hours.

The thinking is that the younger the person the easier it is to multitask and switch gears from detailed work to social networking back to the detailed work without skipping a beat.

It could be a learned working style that everyone will grow into out of necessity.

It may be that it is good to be very effective on the job, get your work done magnificently and go out dancing with your social network.

See you online?

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