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(January 8, 2008) As the power and internet access flicker off and on, here in Marin, our online networking experiment has been slowed to a crawl. I personally have some new friends on facebook, a nice collection of vCards, and some renewed relationships in the works. This is good.

I also joined a group called "Meet New People" that has emails coming in that say "someone is flirting with you." This is strange.

I am reminded of the era when email was becoming a big deal. I only checked it on occassion while John Sumser sat across the office communicating with work associates many times a day. It wasn't until I made an advertising sales in the course of three emails that I was sold. I became an email junky that day. Could social networking be the email of tomorrow? Will I find my next employee on FaceBook?

Several companies seem confident that the social networking approach is the answer.
Facebook Recruiting Tips

Employers are flocking to the social networking site as a place to recruit the next generation of talent.

Facebook is among the top 10 most visited websites, but employers have yet to utilize the site as a recruiting tool. That is changing, however. Fueled by successes like Ernst & Young's Facebook Group, which has attracted over 12,000 members, the popular social networking site is becoming a player in the talent acquisition game.

"Facebook is a talent goldmine," says Chris Russell, founder of Jobsinpods.com, a podcasting service for jobs, "it's filled with millions of passive candidates that employers covet." Russell is so impressed by the site as a recruiting tool that he put together a list of Facebook recruiting tips, many of which companies can employ at little to no cost.

Tip #1: Create a group on Facebook. "Federated Media is Hiring" is the perfect example of what I mean. Post your apply info, list your latest jobs, build the group into a marketing tool. As people join the group you can send broadcast messages to them alerting them to news and new jobs. It's a chance for you to establish relationships with young candidates who are interested in what you have to say. Think of a Facebook group as an extension of your company career site. Use the same kind of content and consider adding unique content for the Facebook audience (internship opportunities, video, etc.)

Tip #2: Target 'boomerangs' or ex-employees by courting them with a Facebook group. The group section of the popular social networking site is filled with groups of former company alumni. Have your recruiting team (or an actual alumni) start a group. Call it "Ex-company name" or "Company name Alumni". Promote the group among your current employees and encourage them to tell former employees that they are still in touch with. The group will slowly start to populate itself.

Tip #3: Assign your recruiters to the specific regional networks you are hiring in. If you have offices in Birmingham, Bangor and Eugene, then have one of your recruiters join those networks. Once joined, you can take advantage of network features like the marketplace and events calendar to promote your jobs and hiring efforts.

Tip #4: Advertise. Ads com in two flavors: Social Ads and Facebook pages. You can advertise an external URL like your career site or an internal Facebook page which keeps users on the Facebook site. Advertisers can list ads for as little as $5 on a CPC or CPM basis. What's great about Facebook ads are that you can target certain keywords, demographics and even other workplaces. Imagine being able to display ads in front of your competitors' employees!

The key with using Facebook to recruit is to participate and connect with the candidates you seek. Establish relationships with them and you will go a long way towards being their employer of choice.

For further details and even more Facebook recruiting tips visit the Jobs in Pods blog at Facebook Recruiting Tips

About Jobs in Pods
Jobs in Pods, is one of the newest social media recruiting tools for employers. We conduct over the phone interviews with employers and get them to talk about their jobs and describe what its like to work there. Learn more at Jobsinpods.com
See you online.

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