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Hot Monster
(July 02, 2001)

Monster bought Hot Jobs on Friday.

The breathtaking expansion of TMP's holdings in our space is an astonishing testament to a company capable of integrating vision, decision-making and speed into a blinding fury of accomplishment. We're surprised and delighted by this recent turn of events. By clear-cutting the playing field, TMP is providing a firm ground for the growth and expansion of the industry.


We'll say "Phase II of the E-Human Capital Marketspace has just begun." There is no doubt that Monster's recent moves indicate an uptick in company valuations in the space. It was clearly a "buy now, it will never be as cheap" grab to fill out the TMP line of products and services. Coupled with recent agreements to join with the Labor Department in servicing the very low end, Monster currently defies conventional description.

800 lb Gorilla is an understatement.

The implications are astonishing. From an internal perspective, Monster will need to become adroit at the management of differing brands and messages. Externally, they've created a position that requires a couple of smart competitors. The business models will be different but the breadth will be the same.

We imagine that the newspapers held breathy conference calls trying to imagine how they'd meet this push. Until recently, we were willing to stipulate that the newspapers would eventually come to dominate the space. All bets are off on that one. It's more likely that Job Advertising Distribution Services (JADs) will emerge as the next most powerful category.

Simply ask yourself how powerful the Applicant Tracking Firms are in the Monster hierarchy. Oh, they own some of those little things (and now have a real enterprise play). But, the game is about Recruiting, not administration.

The purchase of Hot Jobs defined the end of the last phase and the beginning of the next. All bets are off.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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