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Bigger Than We Think
(June 8, 2001) Don't let the reports of the dot com crash fool you. The E-recruiting business is continuing to explode and the options available today are many times the number of options available a year ago. The pace is so extraordinary that we are often taken by surprise. Even when we're sure that no more big ones could possibly sneak under our radar, they do. >From our in-basket:
Regarding your story in today's ERN, you have overlooked the company that created the "local" job board phenomenon. RegionalHelpWanted.com is a privately-held company based in Poughkeepsie, New York that, after just two short years, thrives in 171 U.S. markets and another 13 in Canada. That number continues to grow as we generally add six to a dozen new local sites each month. To access the full list of our local websites, click on http://www.regionalhelpwanted.com/corporate/our_sites.cfm

Although Trader Publications is a fine company, the jury is still out regarding their auto-related sites, let alone these three new employment-related sites. Certainly, it will be quite some time before they can be judged fairly and accurately. One of the weaknesses of Trader's business model is lack of promotion, which, of course, is crucial to the long-term success of all Internet ventures. The only promotional support for their sites occurs in their own job-related print publications; but print doesn't drive traffic to the Web. To address this issue, RegionalHelpWanted.com forms strategic alliances with radio groups in each market in which we operate. In fact, we refuse to enter a market until we have a strategic ally in place. For example, in the Raleigh-Durham market, www.trianglehelpwanted.com is promoted 52 weeks a year by ten of the top radio stations in the market with a very healthy advertising schedule of 24 60-second commercials per station per week.

For a sample of our radio commercials, which are customized for the respective local market and produced by the award-winning Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch, click on http://www.regionalhelpwanted.com/corporate/radio_spots/wedding.mp3

I hope that you will not take offense to this missive because it is not my intention to say that you are wrong. To the contrary, we believe that local job boards are, for many recruiters and employers, the wave of the future. Nonetheless, it is clear that we have not done a good job of telling our story to the trade press and this seems a good opportunity to do so.

Incidentally, of all the employment-related newsletters I receive, yours is the easiest to read and has the most relevant content. Keep up the great work and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to set the record straight.

While we don't agree with the perspective presented by our correspondent, we're astonished that a local network of this magnitude could grow without our awareness. That's because, we think, that they have focused exclusively on the regional markets. There is certainly no shortage of players who wish to claim paternity on the regional market idea (we've been writing about it for seven years). Hype aside, this should serve as a useful introduction to another amazing resource.

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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